2010 Brabus Viano “Lounge Concept” – For When A PS2 Just Isn’t Enough

Brabus Viano Concept (Images courtesy Serious Wheels)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s nice that Audiovox has made it easy for anyone to retrofit their minivan with a PS2 gaming system, but sometimes that still doesn’t provide enough distractions for those who aren’t behind the wheel. When you’re in for a particularly long haul you need something like the Viano “Lounge Concept” from Brabus.

It includes such luxury amenities as fully reclining leather seats, bamboo trim, a Dolby Surround sound system and a Nespresso coffee maker, but it’s the 32-inch LCD display, the Sony Vaio laptops, a Vertu Constellation cellphone and the PS3 that most people will be envious of. (And really, that’s all that’s important.) Sadly though, like the headline says, the Viano’s just a concept at this time.

[ Serious Wheels ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]

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