2008 LA Auto Show: Exotic Cars

By Evan Ackerman

The number one reason I went to the LA Auto Show was to see exotic cars. I’m not a car nut, not really… I mean, my vehicle of choice (of choice, not necessity) is a 1994 Volvo 940 Wagon. Swedish turbo bricks FTW! But still, exotic cars get my juices flowing just as much as the next guy (or gal), and I spent a significant amount of time at the show doing silly things like measuring the size of the brakes on a Ferrari or repeatedly opening and closing the doors of a Lamborghini. They open UPWARDS, it’s SO COOL! Check out a bunch of pics from the show, after the jump… Click on them for high res versions.

Ferrari California

460hp V8, 0-60 < 4s, top speed 193 mph, retractable hard top, $190,000.

Ferrari F430 Spider

460hp V8, 0-60 < 4s, top speed 193 mph, convertible, $201,000.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia

503hp V8, 0-60 3.1s, top speed 199 mph, $220,000

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

611hp V12, 0-60 3.7s, top speed 205 mph, $310,000

Gumpert Apollo

650hp V8, 0-60 3s, top speed 224 mph, $498,000

Aston Martin DBS

510hp V12, 0-60 4.2s, top speed 191 mph, $265,000

Lotus Exige

218hp S4, 0-60 4.1s, top speed 150 mph, $61,000

Lotus Evora

270hp V6, 0-60 <5s, top speed 160mph, 4 seats, $67,000

Porsche Boxster

255hp V6, 0-60 5.9s, top speed 165mph, $51,000

Porsche Cayman

265hp V6, 0-60 4.9s, top speed 172 mph, $55,000

Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black

661hp V12, 0-60 3.6s, top speed 199 mph, $370,000

Mercedes SLR McLaren

617hp V8, 0-60 3.8s, top speed 206 mph, $495,000

Chevy Camaro Black

422hp V8, 0-60 6.1s, top speed 140 mph, $31,000+ (trim concept)

Spyker LM85

400hp V8, 0-60 4.5s, top speed 187 mph, $300,000+ (race edition)

Spyker C8 Aileron

400hp V8, 0-60 4.5s, top speed 187 mph, $250,000

Maserati GranTurismo S

433hp V8, 0-60 4.8s, top speed 183 mph, $135,000

Audi R8

414hp V8, 0-60 4.4s, top speed 187 mph, $109,000

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

560hp V10, 0-60 3.7s, top speed 203 mph, $222,000

Lamborghini MurciƩlago LP640

642hp V12, 0-60 3.3s, top speed 219 mph, $319,000

Stile Bertone BAT 11

No specs on this one, but supposedly 25-50 will be produced next year

Galpin Auto Sports Scythe

1005hp V8, all interior functions voice activated, car is functional but not street legal. I didn’t know where else to put it, ’cause it certainly is exotic…

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  1. It's unfortunate that the only American car (I think) has so much HP but pales in performance to everything else. Where's the Corvette ZR1?

    I am pleased however that the Camaro is affordable and could easily be modified to improve performance. My 1985 IROC-Z is still my all time favorite owned car. Having chicks taking off their shirts at spring break to get a ride didn't hurt. I hopefully will be getting one of these new Camaro's, maybe in year 2 of production. Only problem is that eventually the roads will be flooded with them and then you have no individuality.

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