2 Day Laptop Fuel Cells Coming This Year, With UltraCell’s UC25 and XX25

By Bruce Eaton

With everyone and their dog (except poor me) having a laptop, power has always been a concern. The max I have ever heard of was about 8 hours on a tiny ultra portable that was just running the pipes screen saver, really that means nothing. Now, while theUltraCell’s only in pre-production, it should hit the shelves by the end of the year. With such sexy model names as UC25/XX25, with this fuel cell you will be able to run your computer for two days while actually doing something on it other than staring at the screen saver.

Using reformed methanol fuel cell technology, this device can make your laptop run that long on 1 methanol powerpak. But the real hotness is that the powerpaks are hotswappable, so in theory you would not have to power down for days on end. Currently it is slated for military use but Ultracell is pushing to get this product into current laptops by the end of this year. We can only hope.

[Ultracell Methanol Powerpak] VIA [Engadget]