1TB Hard Drive With $1MM Of Pirated Files Now Passes As Art

By David Ponce

I wish there really was much more to say than what’s in the title… but really there isn’t. This is what passes as art these days. You know what they say: all the talented artists are busy making money for one commercial interest or another (games, ads, etc.). What’s left are people with crappy ideas, too much money and stickers that say “Art”, begging to be put on whatever they think makes a statement. This particular exhibit is a 1TB hard drive that is on display at the Art 404 gallery, on a pedestal, with an accompanying PDF listing everything that’s in it. Books, “124GB of copyrighted music, fonts, Adobe software, various game system ROMs, and more.”

I’m not going to bother to point out that the value of what’s in most people’s hard drives probably exceeds that amount, but… well… you get my point.

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