1GB USB Nano Flash Drive In A 1×2 LEGO Plate

1GB Nano USB Stick in a 1x2 Lego Plate (Images courtesy Etsy)
By Andrew Liszewski

Hey look, it’s more USB LEGO fun from Etsy seller 123smile! Last time we checked in they had crammed a 4 port USB hub into a LEGO DUPLO brick, and this time they’ve merged a 1GB USB flash drive with a transparent 1×2 LEGO plate. Made in West Germany with “professional equipment” the drives support pretty much every OS you’d need them to, have an LED busy light that’s visible through the transparent plastic and even include a protective cap and a keyring plate made from other LEGO pieces.

The drives are available in pretty much every color LEGO makes, and they can even be assembled with non-transparent pieces if you so desire. But $49.95 is a bit steep for just a 1GB flash drive, no matter how nostalgic it may seem.

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