1byOne’s Lamp of the Future: Eye friendly, Wireless, Foldable, Lightweight and Travel Ready


“The following article is brought you by AshleyJane K. Boots and 1byOne.” -Ed.

Rarely does a product arrive where people are just as excited about the packaging as they are about the product. I have one for you today – 1byOne’s “Infinity Glow Eye Friendly LED Desk Lamp.” It’s really the lamp of the future. Here’s why.

It’s simple and sleek. It sports silver chrome and white (also in black), rounded edges, discreet buttons and charging port.

It’s eye friendly. The lamp has three color temperatures: warm white, neutral white, and cool white. But it get’s even more detailed than that – each temperature mode also has a dimming spectrum. The value of these variances is that it delivers the perfect amount of light, no matter who you are or what you’re doing. Perhaps you’re working on a detailed art project and you need strong, magnifying light. Perhaps you’re the last man standing in your dorm room during finals week, trying to study while not waking up your roommates. For any of these scenarios, plus countless more, 1byeOne’s lamp will save the day.

It’s wireless. No cords, no clutter. The lamp charges via a USB cord. Charge it with you phone each night (easy to do with a USB hub such as this one) and you’ll always have power, ready for the next day.

It’s travel ready. Whether that travel is between the two floors of your home or across the country in a suitcase, this lightweight, flexible product carries and packs easily. It weighs less than a hardcover book and has a bendable torso reminiscent of Gumby. (Did I just date myself?)

Now that I’ve sold you on the product, let me tell you about the packaging. When two magnetic sides are pulled apart, the long slender box opens up into, believe it or not, an eye examination chart. Remember in elementary school when you got called to the nurse’s office and they tested your eyes by asking you to identify which direction the letter “E” was facing? It’s one of those! So amusing and clever. I find just the esthetics of the packaging lovely, but I can also imagine the chart would be particularly amusing in use to both children at play and adult party goers.

This is one of those few gift items that transcends age groups. Seniors. Generation X. Generation Y. College students. Children. I suggest you buy two – one for a gift and one for yourself as well. I wouldn’t want to give mine up. The lamp can be purchased on the 1byeone website here and also from their Amazon store here. Enjoy!

Check out this 30 second video and the photo gallery below to see details of the lamp, its properties and its ingenious packaging: