1985 Hard Drive

By David Ponce

It’s from back in the days when computers were giant grazing woolly mecha-mammoths. One was caught in the wild, it’s hard drive removed and is now on display at the Drivesavers booth at Macworld.


11 thoughts on “1985 Hard Drive”

  1. i had a 20 meg hard drive put in my mac 512 in 1986, cost me $1200. also had them hard wire 4megs of ram with 256k ram chips. we wondered at the time how in the world we were going to use 20megs storage.

    bring back mac system 7. fit on a floppy!

  2. I can go one better than that. In 1976, the world’s largest air conditioning manufacturer had a very good year. They wrote two five million dollar checks. One for a business jet. The second was for five megabytes of memory for their IBM 370-168 MP mainframe. The memory came from Control Data Corporation, because the real IBM memory was even more expensive…

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