1980’s Tranforming Famicom Carts Are Pretty Lame

Kasetto Sentai (Images courtesy Video Game Den)
By Andrew Liszewski

Cars and robots are a match made in heaven when it comes to toy design, but video game cartridges and video game characters? Not so much it turns out. And if you need proof of this just check out these ‘Kasetto Sentai’ or ‘Cartridge Corps’ transformers that Bandai produced back in the 80’s.

In cartridge mode they looked just like an actual Famicom cart, just a lot smaller, but when each one transformed into a character in the game they represented, things kind of fell apart. As Video Game Den, who actually found the toys, puts it, “Thruthfully, the toy ends up looking like a character in a cartridge suit.” Kind of hard to disagree with that. The Kasetto Sentai came in 8 different versions including characters from Ghost’n Goblins, Dig Dug and of course Super Mario Bros. They kind of remind me of the Food Changeables McDonald’s also had back in the 80’s, though they didn’t cheap out on the robot design quite as much.

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