1970’s Sega Gun Fight Arcade Game Is Totally Intriguing

Sega Gun Fight Arcade (Images courtesy eBay & Marvin3m.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

TechEBlog managed to find an intriguing eBay auction for an old 1970’s Sega arcade game known as Gun Fight. Since the game predates everything from vector graphics to sprites, players actually take control of miniature wild west figures and try to shoot their opponent before they taste the searing kiss of hot lead. And to make things more challenging, the game includes various obstacles like cacti that can be used for cover until the tops get “blown-off”.

I also managed to dig up a site with scans of the Sega Gun Fight manual (I like the “Fast Draw to Profits” tag line) as well as a YouTube clip of the game in-action, which I’ve included after the jump. Oh, and if you’d like to add the Gun Fight arcade machine to your collection, there’s a Buy It Now price of just $2,400.

[ eBay – 1970 Sega Gun Fight arcade game in great condition ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]

8 thoughts on “1970’s Sega Gun Fight Arcade Game Is Totally Intriguing”

  1. Played this a bunch when I was a kid. There was a Pinball/Games warehouse in my neighborhood. On a side note, I was the first person in North America to play a Coin Op Arcade Cabinet stand up game. My 15minutes of fame came in the Hospital when I was 7 years old and near death. That was a looong time ago.

  2. We need more games like this nowadays. I'm sure there would be a line… maybe even the same tournament style play as the dance games and whatnot.

  3. Thats why these games sat in dimly lit bars … because they were unplayable until after you were three sheets to the wind.

  4. wow.. that's better than 3D! It's like you're really there! I always wondered wiat people did for fun in the early 70s besides drink and work…there's gotta be more games like this.

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