1930 Fraternal Supply Catalog No. 439

OH the face!By Michelle Cheung

This is industrial design from back in the late 1800s to early 1900s. And I thought college fraternity/sorority hazing in the modern days was bad… Some of this stuff from back in the days is just as awful (I have to admit some of it is even funny).

De Moulin Bros. & Co. is a company that produced all sorts of paraphernalia, gag devices and furniture for lodge organizations and fraternal orders.

On the right we have “The Molten Lead Test”. The guy looks like he’s about to pee in his pants because he thinks he is about to dip his hand in molten lead, but it is actually just a bowl of water with mercury powder (oh the poison!).

“This request will cause a display of his rebellious nature and it is necessary for the attendants to show their authority by assisting the candidate in this painful (?) performance.”

Geez… how some people would go so far just to screw with people’s minds.

Check out the catalog for all sorts of products.

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