15-Foot Inflatable Iceberg

Inflatable Iceberg (Image courtesy Crazy Shark Water Sports)By Andrew Liszewski

In the spirit of the Wego Kite Tube comes another inflatable water toy that just looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen. This inflatable iceberg is almost 15-feet high at its tallest point and three of its sides have climbing walls with varying degrees of difficulty with the forth side serving as a giant slide.

When used on a lake or at the beach the chance for injury on this thing is probably pretty low but as you can see in the product shot the iceberg is actually being used in a pool. Given the size of this thing if anyone tries to use the iceberg in anything less than an Olympic sized pool the odds of falling off and hitting the concrete deck are pretty high.

Also based on that photo I assume this iceberg is not exactly a scale version of the real thing since it would require 90% of the inflatable iceberg’s mass to be under the water.

So if you’re trying to enjoy every last minute of this summer before it runs out you can get your own Inflatable Iceberg from Crazy Shark Water Sports for just under $9,000.

[Inflatable Iceberg] VIA [Geekologie]

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