1/4 Scale King Tiger RC Tank – It’s Time To Rewrite My Christmas List

King Tiger RC Tank (Image courtesy The Sun)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Sun has a small story on what turns out to be the largest RC tank currently available for sale anywhere in the world. Now I have to assume by this point there are full-size, real tanks that can be operated remotely, but this one won’t get you arrested for driving it around (or through) your neighborhood.

Available from UK-based Mark 1 Tank, the 1/4 scale King Tiger is modeled after the German war machine used in World War II, and appears to be incredibly and accurately detailed. It features real working treads, a pivoting turret and even a 2-foot gun with realistic recoil action. Two 500-watt, 24-volt motors power the 550lb beast, and they’re actually strong enough for the tank to tow a car. Unfortunately those electric motors don’t reproduce the same sounds as the real thing did, so the mini King Tiger includes a set of internal speakers to simulate those distinctive rumblings.

But as usual, the only downside for something this awesome is the price tag, which comes in at around $10,222. (£6,600)

[ The Sun – Toy tank will blow your mind ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

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