13W Solar Panel Briefcase

13W Solar Briefcase (Images courtesy Maplin Electronics)
By Andrew Liszewski

A briefcase is the perfect accessory if you’re trying to look like a business professional, but instead of transporting [insert whatever people carry in briefcases] it hides a pair of solar panels rated at 13W. So instead of being prepared for that big meeting with a case full of [insert whatever people bring to meetings] you’ll actually be prepared for more important matters like your PSP or MP3 player running out of power. During peak sunlight times the panels can recharge a cellphone in about an hour, and will even work through a window if you can’t escape from the office during the day. At roughly 11 pounds it’s certainly not light, but it does include a set of connectors and even an adjustable support so you can position it at the ideal angle to soak up the sun’s rays.

You can get it from Maplin Electronics on sale for about $97. (Until May 13 when the price goes back up to about $195.)

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