1.21 Jigowatts! – BTTF DeLorean Replica

Back To The Future DeLorean (Image courtesy eBay Motors)By Andrew Liszewski

So it seems the guy who was selling that detailed replica of the Back To The Future Flux Capacitor we previously wrote about is back but this time with the rest of the car.

That’s right, a perfect replica of the time-travelling DeLorean as seen in the BTTF trilogy is now available to the highest bidder on eBay Motors. And if you thought the detail put into that Flux Capacitor was impressive the builder has gone above and beyond with the rest of the vehicle. Features include the aforementioned ‘working’ Flux Capacitor and an interior lighting system complete with programmable time circuits on the dashboard. And other features like the movie accurate plutonium reactor and other exterior and interior detailing were created from castings of an original ‘time-travelling’ DeLorean that was built by the film’s propmakers and had actual screen time.

The current bid for the BTTF DeLorean (at the time of writing this) is $9,100 and not surprisingly the reserve has not been met yet.

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7 thoughts on “1.21 Jigowatts! – BTTF DeLorean Replica”

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  2. two things
    1) it IS technically gigawatts, the problem, “your mom,” (cute, btw >>; ) is Doc Brown (played by the fairly talented, but underated chistopher loyd) mispronounced the word in the movie. (think gigabytes, gigahertz, gigajoules, etc…). whether it was an accident or the director/writers/etc thought it sounded more science-fictiony…who can say? not trying to be a smartbutt here, just clearing that up ^^;
    2)does anyone know if this was built from an actual dmc-10? or was it some other car that’s been modified to look like one? i missed the original article and i was wondering, cuz ive always wondered if you could do that with something like, sayyyyy, a chevet (i know im mispelling that, sorry) or something.

  3. [Qoute]Doc Brown (played by the fairly talented, but underated chistopher loyd) mispronounced the word in the movie. [/Qoute]

    Nope sorry but they spelled it Jigawatt in the script, it was a movie mistake not and actors mistake

  4. It’s an academically accepted pronunciation of the word “gigawatts”. The directors/writers simply heard it pronounced this way at a seminar and spelled it with a J in the script.

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