$10.5 Million BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Smartphone (Some Accessories Included)

Sprint Island

By Evan Ackerman

From Sprint:

“For a limited time, buy a Blackberry 8830 World Edition smartphone for 10.5 million dollars, and we’ll throw in your very own private island. Think about it: 10.5 million dollars… Now, that may not sound like a lot, but we think you’ll find that controlling the world with this smartphone from your very own island worth more than the price.”

Is Sprint kidding? Who cares? The website offering the package deal even includes helpful hints and tips for the private island lifestyle:

“DO bring lightweight and waterproof clothing to your island. Hand-stitched silks and imported leather may make and impressions at a 5-star restaurant, but nothing impresses more in a tsunami-prone micro-climate like a 4 dollar poncho. DO NOT wear your expensive colognes / perfumes on your island. These scents will not prevent insects from detecting or biting you and may act as man-made pheromones, increasing your chances of being approached by amorous indigenous species.”

This island itself includes a dock and a modest looking house; suggested extras include an a-class catamaran (a bit on the small size, if you ask me), a handball court, a koi pond, and a yurt for the servant(s). Unfortunately, you need to have a six-digit BIN (Billionaire Identification Number) in order to purchase the island package directly from the website. No, I’m not going to tell you mine. If for some reason you’re interested in just the phone, it’s only $200 with a 2 year data plan agreement.

Oh, and apparently, billionaires have their own social bookmarking website, which you can find at http://s.crumptio.us/, of course.

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  1. Sounds vaguely familiar. Didn’t someone try this marketing gimmick before? Or maybe it’s always THE SAME island, and they couldn’t sell it last time?

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