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Tis’ The Season: $5K Gold-Plated Xbox Christmas Ornaments

What could go better with that shiny new Xbox One X than some Christmas ornaments? And nothing says Merry Christmas like a gold-plated ornament made to look like an Xbox One controller.

Thankfully, Microsoft hasn’t completely lost their minds, because rather than selling these gold ornaments to people with more money than sense, they’re giving them away as prizes on their Facebook page. Four to be exact, and they’ll be given away within the coming weeks.

Though I’m not sure where the $5K figure comes from, is that how much Microsoft is giving you in addition to the ornament, or is that how much they’re worth. I mean, if they’re only gold-plated then you could probably only get $17 and an old pair of slightly damaged speakers from your local pawn shop.

Anyway you could always get a non-fancy white ornament from Microsoft, but those probably aren’t worth $5,000.

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Deal of the Day: %25 Off On Xbox Live Gold, 12-Month Subscription


Is it too late to remind you that the Internets is probably still flooded with juicy Christmas Noobs to torment? Maybe there’s a game you haven’t enjoyed as much over the last year because even though you’re decent at it…you’re just not decent enough not to get clobbered mercilessly most of the time. But Christmas Noob season suddenly makes it worth paying for that freaking Xbox Live Gold subscription again, if only to get a good month or two kick out of that game again. What better way to do that than by getting 25% off?

It’s time to unleash the full power of your Xbox! With amazing online multiplayer functionality, you’ll battle top players from around the world in Call of Duty, Halo, and much more. If that’s not reason enough to pull the trigger, the subscription also delivers an epic monthly collection of free games. Topped off with exclusive discounts (even up to 75% off), this membership pays for itself on day one.

– Free games (up to $700-worth per year)
– Exclusive discounts & deals
– Online multiplayer & matchmaking
– Player-powered reputation system for the best possible experience
– Multiplayer network powered by over 300,000 servers
– Advanced network helps eliminate lag & cheating

So that 25% off means you end up paying $44.99, instead of the usual $59.99. This is a limited quantity offer, so don’t sit on it for too long.

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Yes, The New Kinect On The Xbox One Will Turn Off, So Stop Worrying


Back when GMail was launched, there was an uproar over the implication that there’d be machines reading our mail, and tailoring commercials around our conversations. It was an understandably uncomfortable thought for some, but eventually we got over it. We suspect we’ll eventually get over a next-gen Kinect watching our every move, and listening to our every sound, even in the dark, should we wish to awaken the Xbox One while it’s on standby. But if you’re not quite ready to stomach that just yet and thought the new Xbox was the stupidest invention since HD Glasses, you can sleep tonight knowing that the Kinect will turn off, if you so wish. So will the entire machine, actually, if that’s what you’re into.

“Yes, you can turn the system completely off,” a Microsoft rep said. “This would use no power and turn everything off. We’ll share more details about how it all works later.”

So there you go, you can go to bed, unbunch your underwear, and look forward to the Xbox One hitting shelves this year, without having to worry about being unable to plot world domination from the comfort of your couch, should someone, somewhere be listening in on you.

VIA [ Kotaku ]

The 411 on the Xbox One: Specs, Features, and Images of Microsoft’s New Console

Xbox One

Microsoft has finally unveiled the Xbox One, which comes nearly eight years after its predecessor was released. It took a long time, but the question is, was it worth the wait?

The Xbox One is touted as an “all-in-one” entertainment system for your living room. Aside from being a video game console, it’s also a television and entertainment platform, with emphasis on providing a rich television experience.

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Rumor: Microsoft To Release Subsidized $99 Xbox 360

By David Ponce

Would you be excited if we told you that Microsoft plans to release a 4GB Xbox 360, with Kinect, for $99? Would you still be excited if we told you that it comes with strings attached? This would mean that the deal would have you sign up for a 2 year contract at $15 per month. Sure, you’d also get an Xbox Live Gold membership thrown in for the duration of the deal but if you do the math, this still works out to $460. A comparable unsubsidized package would cost you about $390, including two years of Live membership. So you’d be paying a $70 premium for the privilege of having to pay only $99 up front. Sounds great if you don’t have a big chunk of change now… expect for the fact that you’ll be locked in a contract until sometime in 2014, by which the next generation console will likely have been released. So what happens then? Will Microsoft allow you to upgrade?

There’s no word on that. It’s not even clear if all this is actually going to happen at all, but if it does, it will start rolling out at Microsoft stores next week.

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Microsoft To Sell Official 8GB Xbox Flash Drives For $40


By Chris Scott Barr

In case you hadn’t heard the big news, starting April 6th Xbox 360 owners will have a new way to add storage to their favorite console. They will be able to insert any USB drive, (be it a flash drive or hard drive) format it, and use it to store games and save files. The only downside is that they are limiting the usable space to 16GB. You can have larger drives, you just won’t be able to use more than 16GB on your 360.

Naturally, with the release of this new feature, Microsoft has decided to start selling their own branded flash drives. Of course from a company that sells 512MB memory cards for $30 and 250GB hard drives for $130, do you really expect them to be reasonably priced? Of course not.

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Microsoft Discontinues Xbox Live Service For Original Xbox Titles


By Chris Scott Barr

If you’re still rocking an original Xbox, you might want to take note. Starting April 15th, Microsoft will be discontinuing support for all original Xbox games. Yes, that also means that your old copies of Halo 2 won’t work on Live, even if played in your shiny new 360. You’ll need to have a good old-fashioned LAN party if you want to play those titles with a significant amount of players.

So why the lack of love for Microsoft’s original console? It seems that the company is working on some updates that wouldn’t be possible to implement with the current limitations of these titles. They’re fairly mum on what these new features will be, though it likely has something to do with the Project Natal which is supposed to drop later this year.

[ Microsoft ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Japan To Get Ridiculously-Priced 250GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive


By Chris Scott Barr

When Microsoft entered the console gaming market, it was a great day for gamers here in the US. Now I don’t have anything against Nintendo or Sony, I love their consoles. What I don’t love is all of the exclusive hardware that Japan gets from these companies, since they are located in the region. Well since Microsoft is located here in the US of A, the tables are turned. Take this new 250GB hard drive that has been announced for the 360. Guess where it’s being launched first. Wait, Japan?

What’s even more strange is that despite a confirmed March 11 launch in Japan, there is no plan for a US release. Does Microsoft not think that we download enough? Or maybe they know that we’re in a recession, and aren’t going to pay $170 for a 250GB hard drive. I’ve ranted about this before and it still infuriating, you can buy a 2.5-inch hard drive (which is what’s used for the 360) for 1/3 of the price they are selling it. That’s one heck of a markup. They should take a cue from Sony and let us use our own drives to upgrade.

[ Microsoft ] VIA [ PCWorld ]

Microsoft Inks Exclusive Deal With Nexflix, But There’s Hope For PS3 And Wii Owners


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve been enjoying being able to stream Netflix to my 360 for a while now. What I don’t enjoy is paying for a Gold subscription in order to use it. One could argue that most 360 gamers already keep themselves at Gold status so they can play games online. That’s great for them, but I rarely play anything on my 360 with people online (I do most of my online gaming with my PC). I have both a PS3 and a Wii as well, and I’ve been hoping to hear something about getting Netflix on one of those, since neither charge for their online experience. Well finally we’ve heard something.

It seems that Microsoft has managed to sign an exclusive deal with Netflix, making them the only ones with a console that streams movies from the service. There’s no word on just how long the exclusive deal is, but I’m guessing it’s no less than a year or two. I’ll give Microsoft one thing, it does add more value to a Gold subscription. It’s one more thing for them to cite when people complain about Sony offering online play for free.

On a related note, PlayOn seems to be an interesting alternative that lets you stream Netflix (along with Hulu, YouTube and several others) to your TV with a PS3, Xbox 360 (without paying for a Gold Membership) and soon a Wii. I haven’t had a chance to test it out myself, but I’ll let you guys know when I do.

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