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Art Can Be Pretty Strange: Anatomical Kitchen Accessories (Possibly NSFW)

Milk comes from breasts, right? So let’s make a milk jug with nipples! Or hey, we taste salt with the tip of our tongues, so let’s make that salt shaker shaped like a tongue! We can’t be sure, but we imagine that this could have been the thinking behind Christine Chin’s collection, titled “Sentient Kitchen.” Of course, she’s an artist so she might take issue with our unsophisticated assessment of her creative process, and she might be right. What do we know? We’ll tell you this though, her “Breast Bottles” with nipples, or her “Perceptive Sugar Jar” with an eye on it, or even her “Good Listener Teacups” with ears on them are all conversation pieces. That’s for sure. And in that sense fall on the more successful side of the art palette. So to do Christine justice, here is her statement, in her own (better) words:

Sentient Kitchen examines the convergence between technology and biology. As the machines that assist our lives become smarter and more architecturally complex, they borrow increasingly from the biological realm. Sentient Kitchen takes inspiration from some of nature’s most ingenious engineering.

Of course, this being art, it’s not specifically for sale. Nor do we know if it’s on display anywhere. But you can get a bunch more pictures after the jump. Just know that a couple may be NSFW (nipples).

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It’s Come To This: Baby Doll Is Pregnant

So you’re looking at the above doll and hopefully have some kind of frown on. What on earth is this? Well, it’s a doll alright, but fortunately it’s not going to be in any store. It’s the art of one Darren Cullen, and will be on display at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland, UK, from the 26 October – 12 January 2013 as part of a group show called “Moral Holiday.” So the next question is “WHY??!” Well, some media have speculated that the doll represents a comment Darren is making on TV shows exploiting teen pregnancies, or even about those shows glamorizing infant sexuality, like Toddlers & Tiaras. And to be honest, it very well could symbolize any of those things. However Darren himself has gone on record with his own explanation: “It’s about the way these toys intrinsically train girls to have and care for children while they are still only children themselves.” Oh, ok, Darren is making a comment on gender characterization and heteronormative socialization. Or, in other words, that dolls are BS in the first place. We get it. It’s just that, well, it’s still pretty creepy. But hey, that’s good art we suppose…

[ “Product” Page ] VIA [ Huffington Post ]

The Ostrich Pillow Lets You Nap Anywhere, Look Like A Tool

We’re all for the power naps here at OhGizmo HQ. Heck, we’d nap 25 hours a day if we could. But we’re not entirely convinced that the Ostrich pillow is anything we’d ever be caught doing it in. Admittedly, the thing is pretty awesome, if only because it’s so ridiculous looking. But it’s also sort of smart. It’s a pillow with an opening for your hands, and for your mouth and nose. Your eyes are covered and your head is cushioned whether you decide to plop your noggin down on your desk or sleep in the airplane. Sure, you look like an alien plant is devouring you from the top, but the fact that you’re blind will make it easier to ignore the stares.

It’s not a new concept; the Ostrich pillow was talked about over a year ago. But now it’s in the funding phase on Kickstarter, and it’s more than halfway to its goal. At $75, the thing sure isn’t cheap. We’re not sure just who this will appeal to, but we have a feeling that at least a couple of you will think it’s the bee’s knees.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures, a video, and links.

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Scam Alert: Rayfish Custom Sneakers Are Very Likely Not Real

By David Ponce

There’s a company out of Thailand called Rayfish Footwear, and what they’re promising you is pretty out there. They claim to have developed the technology to grow genetically-manipulated stingrays with custom skin patterns, from which they then make a “bio-customized” pair of sneakers. Apparently stingray hide is 10 times stronger than cowhide, and CEO Ramond Ong’s family has been in the stingray hide shoe business for some time. This bio-customization business is allegedly the evolution of that. There’s a website where you can pick your patterns from a vast array and then add some colours in order to create something truly representative of your individual taste. Once designed, you place your order to the tune of $1,800 and wait for them to make your fish, let it grow and make your sneakers from it. But this is once regular production begins in 2012. When their FAQ was written, they claimed to be able to “accommodate a limited number of serious buyers” for a rather steeper sum of $14,800 to $16,200.

We don’t know if anyone gave them their money, but we seriously doubt that a delivery was ever made. Color us skeptical, but we just don’t believe that genetic-manipulation technology is there yet. Aside from the snicker on Ong’s face as he delvers his speech, there’s also the opinion of experts:

David Edwards, a professor of Bioengineering at Harvard University, commented: “one suspects [Rayfish is] playing with genetics, if they are doing anything at all, and claiming an understanding they don’t possess.”

Still, real or fake, it sure is a nice try.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Technabob ]

The Web Is Full Of WTF: Taxidermied Cat Turned Into QuadCopter

By David Ponce

Walking down the downtown streets of any major metropole, you’ll run across your crazies. It’s fun. It’s what makes the place lively. Likewise on the web, you always bump into all manner of strange individuals. Like Dutch artist Bart Jansen. He had his cat Orville taxidermied after it was hit by a car. Only instead of letting the feline keep his dignity post-mortem, he turned him into the spectacle you see above. Outfitted with a rotor on each paw, the lifeless feline can take to the skies via remote control. Not very well though. If you watch the below video, you’ll notice he seems to have some trouble getting airborne. So apparently for his birthday, the abomination creation will be receiving more powerful engines and larger propellers. Stuffed cats are heavy, we imagine.

Oh and you remember how we said this was the work of an artist? Yeah, so the flying quad rotor cat is on display at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam.

Hit the jump for a bunch of pictures.

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WTF: Pantyhose For Men? Really?

By David Ponce

The atrocities that have been committed in the name of fashion are too numerous to list in their entirety. A few highlights include fanny packs, jean print pyjamas, elephant pants, skinny jeans and double sagging pants. You can now add Italian designer Emilio Cavallini’s creation to this list: pantyhose for men. “Oh, but it’s just some loony designer’s weird pet project!” you’ll say. Not so.

Cult or fad, the trend has gained some momentum of late, with Racked even conducting a poll as to the best name for the dubious new dressing habit.

While it was WWD who coined the term ‘mantyhose’, brosiery’ is a clear leader in the survey, ahead of ‘guylons’, ‘he-tards’, and ‘beau-hose’ – a term surely reserved for the most confident men out there.

Mr Cavallini said that his company’s ‘brosiery’ is tested on its male employees and that their research had led to a special, breathable fabric being designed to account for men’s higher perspiration levels.

Well, you too can join the ranks of cooler than cool for $27.

No one will judge. Promise.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]