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New Pencils Feature Shock Absorbers And Shields To Prevent Lead Breakage


Oh the frustration of breaking the lead on your automatic pencil. There you are, in the zone, when snap!, and you lose your train of thought. Mindful of your very real first world problems, Japanese company Zebra Co. designed the DelGuard pencil, which features a pretty sophisticated system of shock absorbers and retractable shields used specifically for preventing the lead from breaking. One spring takes care of vertical pressure by retracting the lead, while the other senses diagonal pressure and extends a lead-proteting shield. Combined, they should save you at least seconds of frustration.

The DelGuard pencils come out November 12 in Japan, and will sell for about 450 Yen (about $4).


[ Manufacturer Website ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

I Wrote An Article For Another Website, Please Read It!


So, every now and then I get asked to write articles for other websites. A while back it was for HP, now it’s for Intel, at this website called MyLifeScoop. They just published my latest, titled: “5 Best Websites To Find Quirky Products”. I discuss, well, my 5 favourite websites to visit whenever I’m looking to tell you guys about something weird or quirky. So, check it out if you have a minute and are curious about where we get some of our stories.

[ "5 Best Websites To Find Quirky Products" ]

German Super Pen Chides You When Making Grammatical Mistakes, As You Write


Before the art of putting pen to paper completely goes extinct, it is getting an opportunity for a few high tech improvements. The Lernstift pen pictured above is a German creation that is able to analyze your child’s writing in real time (or your own if you feel like you need it), and provide him with two types of corrections: orthographic and calligraphic. In calligraphy mode, the pen will vibrate when it sees that the letter doesn’t look right; maybe that ‘b’ is really supposed to be a ‘d’, for example. In orthography mode, the pen will vibrate for spelling and grammatical mistakes; once for the former and twice for the latter.

It comes decked out with a bunch of sensors and chips. Things like pressure sensors and WiFi, and even motion sensors are included to give you the ability to write in the air, should no paper be present. It’s all running off Linux, but of course we have no idea how well it performs. Given the wide range of writing styles, it would be surprising if it managed to achieve its task with an acceptable degree of accuracy.

It’s slated for release in August of this year, though there is no official price. A figure of €120-€150 (or roughly $160 to $200) is being floated, though isn’t concrete. And you can pre-order now, though it’s more of a statement of intent rather than a binding sales contract.

[ Product Pre-Order Page ] VIA [ DVice ]

Check Out My New Post About Home Automation That I Wrote For HP

So I didn’t get fired from my gig at HP. This makes me happy, but it also means that whenever I have an article up, I get to tell you guys about it. Those articles are longer, more researched and generally fun to read if you’re into the more intellectual sounding stuff. This time around it was about home automation, and to find out what I came up with, you just have to click below.

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