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Meat Gift Wrap: Give the Gift of Unedible Meat

Meat Wrapping Paper

Just imagine the look on people’s faces when you hand them a huge, chunk of meat packed in styro and cellophane. They’ll say the obligatory “thank you’s” but it’ll take them a while to process the fact that you just gave them the present of raw meat. Of course, they’ll eventually figure it out and everyone will have a few laughs. On a side note, you can see the true measure of your friendship with them during those critical moments: will they scoff at your gift, or will they accept it wholeheartedly?

Kidding aside, this Meat Gift Wrap by Gift Couture takes novelty wrappers to the next level. The steak wrapping paper transforms any present into something that resembles class A meat. It also comes with a bunch of extras, like cutting board paper and meat trays to give it a more authentic, straight-from-the-butcher look.

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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas: ecoChici Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap


Every year, hundreds of millions of presents are packaged in giftwrap or presented in exquisite gift bags to the recipients. And each year, the world’s landfills just keep getting fuller and fuller.

While the ecoChici Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap is, by far, not the solution of all solutions to get rid of all this seasonal waste, it presents a fun and quirky alternative. ecoChici was thought up by graphic designer Amy Lewis, and she was able to come up with the reusable fabric gift wrap kits with the help of her husband.

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