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Th Emperor 1510, The Ultimate Workstation, Now For A Tenth Of The Price


By David Ponce

Back when we wrote about Novelquest’s first Emperor, this is how Andrew described it:

It features almost everything any PC user might need including 3 x 19-inch LCD monitors, a smaller 7-inch touch screen which serves as the control center, a webcam, custom work lights, a well-configured computer, a HEPA air purification system, a 30 minute UPS and even limited motion allowing the whole thing to recline or rotate 360 degrees.

That was the Emperor 200. It cost $40k.

The Emperor 1510 seems to cost slightly more than $4k, or one tenth of the price with pretty much all the same functionality. Some things that appeared to be standard are now options (or or three screens? Colors? 2.1 or 5.1 sound?). But really, if you’re an office manager looking for the baddest work environment ever, the Emperor 1510 doesn’t get much better. Word is, the Prince of Dubai just ordered 10 of these bad boys.

It officially launches December 15th, but is currentl available for pre-order.

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