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Scooter Snuggies: Ride in Style and in Comfort

Scooter Snuggies

It’s hard to travel by scooter during winter because of the elements. You could brave the chilly winds by bundling up in sweaters and coats, but that won’t help any when you’re maneuvering tight corners. Electric bikes and scooters are especially popular in China, so you can count on the enterprising Chinese to come up with a solution of sorts: the Scooter Snuggie.

It’s a snowsuit hybrid of sorts that’s designed to cover the chest and leg area of the rider, effectively protecting them from the biting cold. The wearable shields are being sold online on Taobao, which is the country’s largest web-based mall, and are available in a variety of colors and patterns.Continue Reading

Ever Wonder How They Make Snowboarding Half-Pipes?


They use the machine you see above. It’s called a Pipe Monster, and is made by a Swiss company called Zaugg. It’s used in all major events, like the X-Games, the Olympics, the U.S. Open of Snowboarding, etc. And it ensures that the half-pipe that is created is uniform and standard. The process goes a little like this: first, other machines make a giant snow bank. Then the Pipe Monster is called in.

“Its 22-foot arm features a bunch of augers that go into gearboxes which connect. The snow it chews travels down the arm and into a blower that allows you to control where you want the snow to be ejected (including in front of the vehicle, in the off chance that you need to fill in a hole). [The machine] is powered off of a single hydraulic motor and it’s able to cut up to 25 feet of 18 or 22 foot pipe per minute. It weighs 3250 pounds and attaches to the front end of a snow cat.

After multiple passes, you have a perfect half-pipe. When it’s been used up a little, the Pipe Monster makes another pass, smoothing it down, but in the process making the two banks a little further apart. The angle and height remains the same, but the flat part in the middle gets progressively larger as the competition drags on.

And now you know.

[ Gizmodo ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

Smittens Are Perfect For Winter Lovers

Up here in the frozen tundra, we’re bracing for temperatures that are expected to reach -29C (-20F) in the next few days. You don’t step outside in that kind of cold with exposed skin, unless you want to get a lovely frostbite (what we call an Ice Tan in these parts). But what are lovebirds to do? Not hold hands everywhere they go? Luckily, there’s the Smittens. They’re a special wool mitten with two hand holes, so that you can display your affection as publicly as you want without fearing losing a digit or two in the process. The Smittens also come with a pair of regular gloves to keep your other hands warm.

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Ice Dozer Mini 2.0 Gives You 360 Degrees Of Ice Scraping Power

When the freezing rain falls and hardens to a diamond-like finish on your car, you have a few removal methods at your disposal. We tend to use the “spray anti-freeze on it and run your wipers for an hour method.” That does wonders for the wipers, we hear, but we don’t care much. But if you’re going to be diligent and scrape, then at least scrape efficiently. The Ice Dozer Mini 2.0 seems to fit that bill:

This serious tool packs 360 degrees of ice clearing performance, including 13 Flexiblade scraping fingers, and Tenderizers for softening up the hardest ice that you’ll find on your windshield.

Other features include a combination Squeegee/Brush, the IceNotch (for clearing windshield wipers) and the all-new Brass Frost Peeler – glass safe but particularly effective when dealing with the most annoying frost coating (the kind that seems ‘painted on’). All of this in an ergonomic package, including the PowerGrip which incorporates a Wrist Wrest for extra power and comfort.

$12 isn’t much to ask for a tool that’s likely to cut down your time and effort by a very reasonable factor.

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USB Toast Hand Warmers Will Keep Your Hands Toasty and Adorable

Toast Hand Warmers

It gets pretty hard to type if you can’t stop your hands from shaking because of the cold weather. Add a busted heater to the mix and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster filled with mistyped letters and error-filled documents. So why not get yourself a pair of these adorable hand warmers that will keep your hands warm and comfortably toasty?

Just plug the cord to your computer’s USB drive, set the hand warmers to your desired temperature, then slip your hands into the ‘slices’ of toast and type away. The toast hand warmers have holes where you can slip your thumb and fingers out and it’s strapping your hands into them are as easy as 1-2-3.

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Snolo Stealth-X Brings Funky Carbon Fiber Design To Sleds

The wintertime is coming… it bears repeating it if only because it gives us a simple intro to segue onto the product above. It’s a sled called Snolo Stealth-X, and is ostensibly made from carbon fiber. That makes it light, probably very stiff and we assume pretty freaking awesome at getting you from the top to the bottom of a snow-covered hill. It’s so light apparently, that you can pack it up and carry it in a backpack.

We’re short of details, aside from being able to tell you that their full website will launch in 37 days, and the sled itself will reportedly cost around $3,000 when it does become available. What? You didn’t think it’d be affordable, did you? It’s also reportedly being made by a team in New Zealand after 6 years of testing and prototyping.

And while the above picture does look like a render, the ones after the jump, not so much.

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Let’s All Creep It Up This Winter With Integrated-Goggles Jacket

Ten points for creating a jacket that positively will not let any cold air touch your face. You’ll be able to roam the frozen tundra, safe in the knowledge that not an inch of your peachy skin will freeze. But that’s where the positive things about the “AI Riders on The Storm” jacket end. Or is that just the start? We’re a little torn. On the one hand, we kind of dig a piece of apparel that makes little old ladies cross the street to avoid us. It does look sort of badass. But we suspect that we’d also attract more than our fair share of stares from a public generally disapproving of anyone dressed as one would imagine a mass murderer would suit up. The question then is whether we should care? Well, at $454, the jacket pretty much prices itself right out of any sort of “hey, that could be cool to try out” sort of vibe we might have been feeling. Those with deeper pockets could of course disagree.

Hit the jump for a close up.

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These Seem To Be The Cadillac Of Heated Gloves

You know the “brace yourselves” meme? The one with the Game Of Thrones dude? Anyway, we feel like making one saying “Brace yourselves, winter posts are coming!” And we’re yet another blog to contribute to the onslaught, this time with news of some fancy heated gloves. The Chaval Response XRT are not your everyday corner-store heated gloves though, but some fancy $400 mittens with nanotechnology. Their most interesting feature? Self-regulating temperature:

[They contain a] proprietary, paper-thin, nanotech polymer film that automatically regulates its own temperature. As your hands get cold, the film gets denser, increasing its electrical conductivity. This change pulls power from a battery to deliver heat to the film and the hands. As your hands get warm, the heat reduces the film’s conductivity which reduces power draw.

This continuous temperature management also means that energy is conserved and the batteries end up lasting longer, maybe even all day. Charging them doesn’t require removing the batteries, but is instead accomplished by just plugging them in to the charger, pictured.

It’s not quite $400, but $390 on pre-order right now, with expected shipping on October 20th.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

Buhel Speakgoggles Pick Up Your Nose Bone Vibrations

By David Ponce

If it’s too darn noisy for you to be able to speak in a phone or a hands-free unit, one solution has traditionally been to use bone conduction to isolate your voice. This is what the Jawbone headset does. But sometimes, like when you go skiing, it’s not that comfortable to wear. So Buhel’s Speakgoggle G33 skiing visor has bone conduction technology that lets it pick up your voice from the sound of your friend’s careening-down-the-mountain screams. It pairs with your cellphone through Bluetooth and you can hear through earbuds. It also connects with other G33 visors directly and lets you have intercom functionality up to 500 meters (1,640 feet) apart, so that you can chat it up with up to 6 of your friends while trying not to get killed.

There’s no word on price though the G33 does appear to be available.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]