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Have Yourself a Cheesy Valentine’s With Some Cheeseburger Red Wine

Cheeseburger Wibne

What’s wrong with having cheeseburgers on your Valentine’s date this year? Times are tough and fancy dinners are out of the question in this bad economy, especially if you’re already holding down two jobs to make ends meet. But while you can do away with the five-course meal, don’t do away with the wine, because a good nightcap sometimes makes all the difference.

There’s only one drink you can turn to after a meal of cheeseburgers, and that’s Rootstock Cellars‘ Cheeseburger Red wine. Its flavor was designed to complement a post-burger palate and is described as “smooth and jammy, bursting with red fruit that so perfectly compliment a slight char.”

Each bottle is priced at $12.99.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Food Beast ]

Classy: Wine Glass Sippy Cup

Nothing says “I’m an upstanding member of society” than being seen walking around with a sippy cup filled with wine. Oh sure, it could be anything in there. Could be juice. But the fact that the hollowed out innards are shaped just like a wine glass when they don’t have to be is proof enough that the object is making a statement. It’s saying “hey, I’m a sippy cup that’s meant to be filled with wine.” But that’s ok, we don’t just. Of course, if you’re going to be traipsing around town sipping wine from a plastic container, it might was well be spill and shatter proof. Which the Vino2Go (as it’s called) certainly is.

Each $15 BPS-free plastic cup holds 10 oz. of liquid. That’s not much. You better ask your significant other to carry the wine purse for refills.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

VinOice Wine Chiller Also Has Drip Free Spout

Almost one year ago we featured the Corkicle, a cooled, icicle shaped rod that was meant to be inserted into a wine bottle to keep it at ideal drinking temperature. The idea was that you’d normally cool a bottle of white anyway, then open it, pour some out to drink and insert the Corkicle into the half empty bottle to maintain the right temp longer. The VinOice pictured above does the exact same thing, except it one-ups the Corkicle in that it also features a drip free spout. That… is pretty much it.

It’s $30.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ TheGreenHead ]

The Lockey Bottle Safe

Having kids is all fun and games, until they reach their teens and decide to start drinking. You can try to stop them, but you’ll likely be as successful at that as you’ll be trying to take a cat for a walk. At most you can do something to make sure they don’t get into your collection of wines and spirits, with the above Lockey. It’s pretty obvious what it does, isn’t it? Just plug that bottle up, and twist the top to lock it in place. That wine is going nowhere until you dial the combination in.

Well.. in theory. I remember this NYE party at a club once where a bottle of Champagne was passed around and happily ingested by everyone even after the neck had been broken off to get to the bubbly inside. So uh… at least you’ll know you tried.

It’s $20 a lock.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Damn Geeky ]

You’re Lazy: Wine Glass Holder Necklace

By David Ponce

Oh, you think you’re clever because now you’re at a party and you have both your hands free while carrying your wine glass around? You call it multitasking, do you? Well, here’s a wake up call, buddy: you’re just lazy. Sure, the 36inch strap lets you hang that glass just about anywhere on your chest and sure it’s convenient and…. You know what guys? We got nothing. There’s nothing we can say about the actual product above that isn’t just opinionated commentary. So there you have it. It’s a strap for carrying your wine glass around your neck. Some people think it’s genius, we… we’re not so sure. It’s $25 for a set of two.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Cracked ]

The Corkicle Is A Potentially Stupid Wine Chiller

By David Ponce

We want to like the Corkicle, really we do… it’s just that we’re not sure whether it actually would work properly. The idea is that you put the thing in the freezer and once you get some wine you need to chill, you insert it in the bottle and let it do its thing. Presumably it’s plastic filled with some type of material that has a high specific heat. And it looks kind of nice in the pictures, so this could be a good addition to your dinner table; the wine chilling while looking nifty. The problem of course is that the Corkicle has volume. And it will displace some wine. How much is the issue… but really, almost any volume will cause the wine to spill over. Perhaps you’re meant to empty the bottle a little before inserting the Corkicle? We don’t really know and aren’t willing to spend $23 to find out.


[ The Corkicle ] VIA [ Reddit ]