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Windows 7 Shipping On October 23rd?

By Chris Scott Barr

We know that Microsoft will be offering up the first release candidate of Windows 7 in just a few days. This means that we’re probably only a few short months away from an actual release date, right? Well according to Acer it will be out in just under 6 months.

Acer’s marketing director in the UK pinpointed the release down to the very day it will hit shelves. October 23rd to be exact. I’d take this with a little grain of salt, but the timing does make sense. After all, it was about 5 months between RC1 of Vista and the actual retail date. My advice? I’d start thinking long and hard before going out and buying a new PC when there’s a new OS just around the corner.

VIA [ PocketLint ]

Windows 7 RC1 Available Starting May 5th


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve been using the Windows 7 beta on one of my desktops for a couple of months now. Honestly, I haven’t noticed any more issues with it than on my XP or Vista installations. Naturally I’m looking forward to the actual release of the OS, but for now I have to wait patiently like the rest of the world. At least there’s a nice update coming down the pipes in short order.

Cinco de Mayo seems to be a pretty big day for going out and getting smashed, so you might want to download your copy of the Windows 7 Release Candidate early in the day. That’s right, the official release date for RC1 is May 5th. Actually on second thought, you might want to wait until the next day to install it. You don’t to be late for happy hour because you’re stuck troubleshooting a driver issue or something do you?

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