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Wind-Powered Device Knits Infinite Scarf


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve started to notice a trend among a number of my female friends. It seems that knitting and crocheting have become a rather popular hobby. I find both arts to be dreadfully boring, but sometimes the end result can be rather interesting. Surely there is a way to get the same results without actually spending endless hours knitting. Apparently there is (and don’t call me Shirley).

One crafty person was wandering about a Cul de sac and noticed that the curious amounts of wind, and decided to take advantage of it. In the end he decided to construct a device which would utilize the wind to knit a scarf. Essentially, the size of your scarf is only limited by the amount of yarn fed into the machine. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the ability to change yarn when it runs out. Hopefully at some point he’ll post a guide on how to construct one of these for ourselves.

[ Platformtworca ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

MSI Wind U160 Now Available


By Evan Ackerman

My favorite netbook company, MSI, has just announced the retail availability of their latest and greatest extra portable and extra cheap laptops: the Wind U160. Besides a redesigned svelte exterior, the U160 brings along a 1.66 GHz Atom N450 and a shocking 15 hours of battery life. Even if you figure that you’ll only get 50% of that in normal use (which, in my experience, is what it works out to most of the time), that’s still a solid day’s worth of juice. The rest of the specs are what you’ve come to know and tolerate from netbooks, including the gig of ram, 250gb HD, LED backlit WSVGA screen, crappy integrated graphics, and blah blah blah. Oh, and Windows 7.

On a personal note, the only reason I’m not buying myself a U160 is that my U100 is still running like a champ after a couple years and multiple oopsies. I can only hope that the U160 offers a similar amount of dependability (plus relatively easy access to the HD and RAM) in this new form factor.

The MSI Wind U160 is available now at Fry’s, and online at and Newegg, for $380.

[ MSI Wind U160 ]

WindCube generates 60kW of rooftop power Kermit-style


By Shane McGlaun

In the words of the immortal Kermit the Frog, it ain’t easy being green. In sunny climates, you can use solar panels to capture free power and in windy locations, you can make electricity using wind. The catch is that neither of those methods are all that efficient at producing electricity and they make the area where they are installed look bad.

Green Energy Technologies has announced a new wind power generator called the WindCube that is smaller than the typical wind generator and designed to sit on the roof of a building in urban and rural areas.

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