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This Controller Works for Wii, Wii U and Android

ThinkGeek Pro Controller for Wii and Wii U

ThinkGeek has a multi-function controller for Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U that also works with select Android devices via Bluetooth that’s called the Pro Controller. But the cool thing about the Pro Controller is that it actually combines a Wiimote and Wii Classic Controller into one easy-to-use controller that will make all your Wii gaming experiences as fun as ever.

Not only is the third-party device sturdy and comfortable to hold, but it’s also accurate and pretty darn clever. So all you need to do is flip a switch on the device and the Wii U console will recognize it as a Wiimote, but flip it the other way and it will think it’s a Wii classic controller. And its D-Pad is great for all of your favorite Virtual Console titles, too, making this Pro Controller the one device you’ll want to definitely use over and over again when playing your favorite games on Wii or Wii U. You’ll get non-stop gaming with its rechargeable battery and it also features analog joysticks, triggers, speakers and vibration. When using with Android devices, simply download a Wii Remote app and then pair the controller to your device via Bluetooth. ThinkGeek has this all-in-one Wii Pro Controller for $39.99.

ThinkGeek Pro Controller for Wii and Wii U

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Nintendo To Release Wii Mini In Canada For $99, Loses Some Features

A few days ago Nintendo released the Wii U, and already the company announced sales of 400,000 units in the first week. Good on Nintendo, considering how late the other console makers are in releasing a new generation device. But like make gadgets, when a new one comes out, the old ones get a price drop. In this case, lucky Canadians will be able to purchase a much smaller version of the Wii, called the Wii Mini, which comes in matte black and red for $99. It is fully compatible with all 1,400+ titles, all the accessories like the WiiFit Balance Board and comes packaged with a red Wiimote and nunchuck. However, it features a manual top-loading disc tray, making it impossible to place on its side. But that’s not the missing feature. The problem is that the console loses all Internet connectivity and compatibility with Gamecube titles. Granted the Wii was never really known for its online features, but the Wii Mini really does just become a $99 Wii disc reader. Still, if you’re ok with barebones and like the new price, Best Buy Canada is already taking pre-orders for its December 7 launch. No word on whether this will be available elsewhere.

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Pirates Plundarrr – Review

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This weekend I got to review a fun little game from Majesco Entertainment on the Wii called Pirates Plundarrr. The game centers around a group of pirates who have had their precious booty stolen by a traitor pirate by the name of Rudebelly. Players fight off through over 40 stages of intense hack ‘N slash action as they tear through countless waves of enemies ranging from skeletons to a giant armadillo. Up to four players can band together to fight the evil Rudebelly in this epic quest for treasure.

The game in itself is a side-scrolling hack ‘N slash, but it also incorporates a few RPG elements in the mix. From the beginning there are 4 selectable characters to choose from: a Pirate Wench, a Buccaneer, a Sea Dog, and a Duelist. Each character has its strengths and weaknesses and seem to fit to different play styles. Players earn EXP by defeating enemies in each stage, and can level up through the journey. At each level gained the player gains a skill point, which can be used to upgrade skills once you reach the end of the stage in which the level was gained. Some of the skills range from damage for each specific weapon, to upgrading speed and unlocking a powerful thunder attack.

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CTA Digital Milking This Wii Thing For All It’s Worth – Introduces Inflatable Racing Kart Accessory

Inflatable Racing Kart for Wii (Image courtesy CTA Digital)
By Andrew Liszewski

Continuing in a long line of confusing, awkward and utterly pointless gaming accessories like the Wii Bowling Ball and the Wings for Wii comes CTA Digital’s latest creation, an inflatable racing cart designed to take games like Mario Kart Wii to the next level. It includes a plastic steering wheel which will accommodate a Wiimote, just like the accessory that comes with the actual game, and while it’s listed as being “safe for both kids and adults” I just can’t see anyone over 15 comfortably fitting into it.

The accessory will be officially unveiled at E3 where attendees will have a chance to give it a go, but if you’re already sold on the idea you can pre-order one from Amazon right now for $39.99.

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Wii2HDMI Adapter Doesn’t Need Much Explaining

Wii2HDMI Adapter (Images courtesy Neoya)
By Andrew Liszewski

If your TV is brimming with unused HDMI ports, but is suffering from a lack of available component connections, this dead simple HDMI adapter for the Wii will at least let you convert it over to the HDMI-side. Just jam it into the back of your Wii (installation techniques may vary) plug in an HDMI cable and you’re ready to enjoy all the glorious eye-candy that is 480p! It’s available from Neoya for $39.95 which isn’t incredibly cheap, but they let you tack on a 5 foot HDMI cable to your order for just $7.95 so it doesn’t seem like they’re trying to rip you off like other HDMI cable sellers.

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Wii Accessories Hit A New Low With Wings For Wii

Wings For Wii (Images courtesy CTA Digital & Destructoid)
By Andrew Liszewski

I haven’t played any of the new activities available in the Wii Fit Plus update, but apparently it includes a game called Bird’s-Eye Bulls-Eye where you flap your arms while standing on the balance board to guide your Mii (who’s dressed up in a chicken suit) to a series of targets to score points. I’m sure it’s occasionally a fun diversion to yoga poses, but apparently CTA Digital thinks it’s an important enough activity to warrant a set of strap-on nylon wings to “… add a sensation that you will not feel mimicking a flying chicken with your hands alone.” Unfortunately there’s no pricing info on the CTA Digital website, but anything over $1 would be a complete rip-off in my opinion.

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Check Your Mailbox, Netflix Streaming Discs For Wii Should Be Arriving Today


By Chris Scott Barr

Back in January we told you that Netflix would be streaming to the Wii sometime in the near future. Out of the three, this would probably be my last choice to stream movies to. Not only can you not watch movies in HD (as the Wii doesn’t support HD output) but you’re going to be required to have a disc inserted at all times. Yes, this is exactly the same as the PS3, likely enforced due to a deal with Microsoft.

Well if you signed up for your Wii streaming disc from Netflix, you should be receiving it in the mail within a couple of days. If you haven’t done so already, hit the sign-up page here for your disc. I’m excited to see all three major consoles now supporting this. Depending on what consoles you have and where they’re placed, you could have Netflix streaming to every TV in your house.

[ Netflix ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Riiflex Wii Weights Now Available


By Evan Ackerman

As if having to wave your arms around while playing Nintendo Wii games wasn’t hard enough, those Riiflex Wii weights that we heard about nearly a year ago are finally up for sale. Each weight adds two pounds to the already hefty burdens of the Wiimote and nunchuk, which last time I checked, was a lot for someone who’s used to stationary gaming and looks forward to games that don’t require any movement at all.

The Riiflex cases are ergonomic and are made of soft rubber (which sadly doesn’t make them any lighter), and you can get a set on Amazon in that ugly green color for $30.

[ Riiflex ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

The Circle Is Complete, Netflix Streaming Now Coming To The Wii


By Chris Scott Barr

Man, it’s a good thing that Microsoft managed to snag that exclusive deal with Netflix back in August of last year. Otherwise PS3 and Wii owners might have the same access to the rental giant’s instant streaming library. What’s that, the PS3 already has it, and it’s just been announced for the Wii? Never mind then.

That’s right folks, despite whatever deal Microsoft snagged with Netflix, Nintendo has just announced that they will also offer the ability to stream Netflix movies to the Wii. As with the PS3, a special disc will be required in order to use this functionality, leading me to again believe that Microsoft’s “exclusive” deal technically only prevented the other companies from installing the software directly onto their consoles.

The discs will begin shipping out sometime this Spring, but you can sign up for them now. Aside from the minimum $8.99 unlimited streaming plan from Netflix you will not have to pay any additional costs. Again the trade-off is having to use a disc every time or paying for an Xbox Live subscription, personally I don’t mind popping the disc in my PS3.

There is one small drawback to using the service on the Wii, as opposed to the other two consoles. Since Nintendo’s console doesn’t output in HD, you will obviously be limited to watching movies in SD.

[ Netflix ] VIA [ Cnet ]