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Not For the Sqeamish: This $470,000 Ring is Covered With Actual Human Skin

Skin Ring

There’s a fine line between an ingenious design and an oddly disgusting one. I think Sruli Recht‘s ‘Forget Me Knot’ ring leans toward the latter, but you be the judge. It’s a truly unique ring in the sense that it has a small strip of Recht’s actual skin mounted on the exterior. I kid you not; the designer actually had a 4 inch by 0.4 inch piece of skin sliced off from his abdomen to cover the 24-karat gold band.

After Recht’s skin was removed, it was tanned and then mounted to the ring, with all his tummy hairs intact. To reassure potential buyers that they’re truly getting a piece of Recht with the ring, it will be sold with a DNA certificate and come bundled with a DVD documenting the entire process.

The price? $470,000. You can hit the break for a graphic video showing the ring’s creation, although I would advise against it if you’re the squeamish type.

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