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Atomic Fallout Burger: Wear Gloves, Sign a Waiver, and Say Your Prayers Before Eating It

Atomic Fallout Burger

A burger that requires you to wear gloves and sign a waiver before you eat it? Sounds pretty scary (but intriguing) to me. It looks like a typical burger, but that’s where its similarities to a Big Mac end because this one is a zinger.

It’s called the Atomic Fallout Burger for good reason. Aside from the fact that it’s got a pound of meat sandwiched in between two deep-fried mini pizzas, it’s also extremely hot, hot, hot. A rich 3-pepper sauce has been slathered on the meat, and somewhere in between all its layers lie two of the hottest peppers known to man: the ghost pepper and the Scotch bonnet.

The burger ranks 1,000,000 on the Scoville scale so if you’ve got a weak stomach (and a weak heart), then this is not for you. Only 500 people have attempted to eat the burger, and of these people, only 1 in 10 have succeeded.

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Booze-Infused Marshmallows Will Be Perfect for a Christmas Bonfire

Booze Marshmallows

If you live somewhere where the snow doesn’t fall, then here’s something you can do to stop the kids from clamoring for a white Christmas (because you can’t give that to them anyway, not unless you buy fake snow by the truckload): a holiday bonfire. There’s nothing like roasting marshmallows and drinking steaming cups of hot cocoa in the great outdoors, singing Christmas carols and handing out homemade eggnog to whoever wants a glass.

There are also extra treats for the adults who might otherwise prefer to stay indoors: fluffy booze-infused marshmallows that can get you toasted on the sly. Take extra care to keep them out of reach of children for obvious reasons (and also because nobody really wants to clean up vomit from the carpet on Christmas day.)

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Eggs Soaked in the Pee of Virgin Boys is a Real Chinese Delicacy

Urine Soaked Eggs

In some parts of the world, insects like crickets and roaches are served up as delicacies. In others, they’re simply regarded (or disregarded) as pests. But did you know that some people, the Chinese in particular, find eggs that have been soaked in the urine of virgin boys appetizing? It’s so good that it’s even considered a delicacy.

It sounds bizarre, but I kid you not. Called ‘virgin boy eggs’, these treats have been served for the last twenty or so years. The locals believe that it gives them some sort of health boost, claiming that it decreases body heats, promotes better circulation, and invigorates the body. The doctors, however, find it unsanitary for obvious reasons.

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