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Deal Of The Day: 30% Off On Nope Webcam Covers, 6 Pack

You might be one of those people bothered by our new reality: that your webcam can technically be accessed and turned on remotely, without your knowledge or consent, by any hacker worth his salt. You might be fighting this by covering the camera with a piece of Scotch tape, which works just fine, except now your beautiful iMac has an ugly piece of tape on it… The Nope Webcam Covers are an elegant alternative.

The days of thinking people with tape over their laptop cameras are nuts are behind us. Even Mark Zuckerberg sported a camera cover with pride because the truth lies in the fact that hackers can access your cameras without much difficulty. Protect yourself and your loved ones with this simple and elegant solution. The Nope features a subtle design, which matches the beautiful aesthetic of top laptops and desktops.

– Includes 2 Nopes, 4 Nope Minis
– Protects from hackers & spies that gain access to your camera
– Includes a thin space between the magnet & computer to avoid damage
– Partially levitates w/ a small part is held by magnetism
– Made for smartphone, tablet, desktop & laptop webcams
– Attaches to your screen w/ thin 3M VHB tape

Normally $21.99, they’re $14.99 after today’s deal.

[ Get The Nope Webcam Covers, 6-Pack ]

Grasp Can Perch An Instructor On Your Shoulder, Enables Easy Remote Coaching


Let’s say you have to learn some complex manual task, like rebuilding an engine. There are many ways you could go about doing this, from being taught in person, to reading myriad steps in a specialized manual. With Grasp, you can add yet another: remote instruction. This device perches on your shoulder and beams your activities to an instructor, who could be anywhere in the world. “It has a mic, a camera and a laser pointer, all powered by an Arduino Yún board, to make real-time remote teaching more hands-on.” Created by Copenhagen designer Akarsch Sanghi, the concept behind Grasp “provides the mentor with a real time insight into the learners environment through the coupling of a first person point of view and an instructional laser pointer. Therefore, the mentor can communicate to the person learning via the device and instruct using the laser pointer. It is the idea of having a companion looking over your shoulder and instructing you while learning something new irrespective of distance.”

It’s a novel idea, and one which could have many applications in an educational setting. Unfortunately, there appear to be no solid commercialization plans at the moment. You can, however, follow Akarsch’s work on his website.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Logitech’s 1080p Webcam Shows Off Your Flawless Skin

By David Ponce

As much as I enjoy the visual bounty of full HD resolution, I still feel a little disenchanted to discover just how wrinkly, pimply and otherwise unsightly people on television really are. It’s almost as if they’re as real as the rest of us, and that makes me sad. You too can broadcast your imperfections to anyone who will dare look at your mug over Skype’s 1080p capable video calling feature. But you’ll need Logitech’s HD Pro C920 to do it. The C920 also does 720p with other IM clients, like Windows Live Messenger. Resolution of course isn’t everything, and you’ll be pleased to know that the webcam offloads a lot of the video processing from the PC and does it right in the camera, instantly compressing to H.264 and adjusting a bunch of variables to give a smooth, clear image. Carl-Zeiss optics and a 20-step autofocus round out the specs.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Logitech C910 HD Pro Webcam Reviewed, Verdict: Nice Evolutionary Upgrade.

Logitech has advanced its webcam line recently with the release of the C910 HD Pro Webcam. They continue on with their core line of peripherals and while not being able to boast of any exciting new hardware features they have polished and refined their latest with considerable software improvements. While the current ‘best’ resolution for video is 1080p, current bus, bandwidth and hardware limitations have made this a bit of a unicorn for shared video. The technology base just isn’t available to reliably support that much streaming data. Logitech has opted to stick with refining 720p software solutions. Their hardware, Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and 5 megapixel sensor, could easily do 1080p but our USB 2.0 systems and bottlenecked Internet providers just can’t keep up. The vastly improved image software makes the best of whatever video signal you can muster and adjust light levels quickly and effectively.

This latest, the C910 HD, adds the “Pro” moniker in deference to the business software that’s been included. In the past, many webcams have been targeted at friends and family video chats but many businesses are now adopting person to person video conferencing as a daily part of your job. Logitech has answered this new direction with the inclusion of a trial version of FastAccess, a facial recognition and security software. While the results of the first round of tests have been mixed on the security, the over feeling is that Logitech has continued to move their product forward. For an exposé on all the new functions and any glaring weaknesses, head over to Everything USB for full review.

[Full Review @ Everything USB]

Webcam Pr0n… With Kittens!

By David Ponce

So this product is called the iPet Companion and what it does is let you play with your kittens or other domestic animals from the comfort of any Internet-connected computer. Once setup, a web-based control panel will let you watch a live stream through a panning and zooming webcam (which you control) and a few buttons which activate the toys the pets are supposed to play with. Now I’ll be honest, these toys are pretty terrible. You’re really looking at a small electric actuator that swivels back and forth. Attached at the end of it can be any furry, colorful darn thing you please. You press and hold the button on the control panel, and the thing swings back and forth. That’s it. If your cat doesn’t get bored of this within a minute, you’ve got one special kitty.

The best part is the price: $850. Although it’s mercifully on sale now for $350. Still a good chunk of change. But if you absolutely must indulge your obsession, why don’t you try it out with some iPet Companion systems currently setup at several animal shelters? You can access these at the company’s website which we’ve linked to below.

[ iPet Companion ] VIA [ Technabob ]