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Bulletproof Press Vest Is A Must For CES 2010


Dear David,

For next year’s CES, I have some demands. First, a suite at the Wynn. Near the top, with a good view and an open bar. Second, one of those Hummer stretch limos to drive me to the LVCC with a license plate that says OG4EVR. Third, a bulletproof vest that I can wear on the show floor. The Jack Ellis press vest is “designed to provide media representatives with distinctive and comprehensive protection” and is “ideal for extended use in higher risk environments,” and will (hopefully) protect me from being stabbed by PR crazies with USB drives as well as from the impacts of out of control toys. There’s no price listed, and I’m sure it’s not cheap, but I’m worth it, right?


Your faithful editor,


[ Jack Ellis ] VIA [ RFJ ]

Teddy Bear Coat Looks Warm, Creepy


By Evan Ackerman

No word on how many stuffed bears gave their lives to make this coat, or how your children will react if you wear it, or how much it costs. But, damn… Who comes up with this stuff?

The same people who brought you the headless chicken duck lamp, apparently:


Um, can I have some of whatever you guys are on? Please?

[ Sebastian Errazuriz ] VIA [ Neatorama ]

[CES 2009] Venture Heated Clothing


By Evan Ackerman

Humans are tropical animals. We really aren’t designed for cold weather, and we have to wear impractical amounts of clothing to go outdoors in the winter when you get much beyond the 23 degrees of latitude. So instead of wearing five extra layers, it makes a lot more sense to just wear one extra layer that provides all the heat you need. Venture’s line of self-heating fleece jackets and pants contain integrated single-sided heat pads that’ll keep you toasty warm, even in ridiculously cold places like Canada.

Venture jackets have a heating pad in the back, and two across the chest. The heating units themselves are barely noticeable in the fabric of the jacket, but from what I could tell when I tried it out, they’re quite powerful. Although you do have to carry a battery pack, it’s lithium and doesn’t weigh much, and there’s a remote control that lets you select the temperature for each heating zone individually. You should get 5-10 hours per charge, and you can recharge the jacket from a standard wall outlet. Venture also makes fleece-lined heated cargo pants if you need a head to toe solution.

The jackets are all high quality outerwear, and it shows in the price. Expect to pay $150 – $200 for one.

[ VentureHeat ]

[CES 2009] LG Watchphone For Sale This Year


By Evan Ackerman

We saw prototypes of LG’s wristwatch cellphone at CES last year, and believe it or not, these are actually going into production this year. The design is finalized and the software is nearly ready to go, and it’ll hit Europe in Q2 of this year for an unspecified price. It’s going to Europe first because LG doesn’t have to worry about carrier monopoly there, but they say it’ll get to the US sometime this year for sure. It’s got quad band GSM, 3G, a touchscreen, Bluetooth, voice recognition, text to speech, and basically everything you’d expect and want in a functional phone that you can wear on your wrist. If I didn’t already have an iPhone, I’d go nuts for one of these.


Pressy, after the jump.Continue Reading

Video Camera Spy Watch

By Evan Ackerman

This little piece of spy equipment is something that could possibly make that Bond James Bond guy a little jealous, if his watches weren’t consistently endowed with badass weaponry. If you’re more the passive surveillance type as opposed to the lasers and sonic disintegrators and garrote wires and kicking ass and ordering pretentious drinks and getting the girl type, then I pity you, but the Secret Agent Camcorder Watch may be right up your nonthreatening alley. It has a pinhole camera hidden in the number 2 on the face of the watch, with a little mic on the side. The camera captures 352 x 288 full color AVIs for up to 2 hours nonstop before the battery goes dead, and a USB port on the side of the watch allows convenient offloads. The camera can also take VGA (640 x 480) still pics, and the 2 gigs of onboard memory can be used as data storage. And it even works as a watch!

The trick to this is going to be getting the camera and the microphone pointing in a relevant direction without snapping your wrist in half, and I imagine it takes quite a bit of practice to pull it off while simultaneously not looking like someone trying to slyly point their wrist at something.

The Secret Agent Camcorder Watch costs a nickle under $200.

[ BrickHouse Security ] VIA [ Neatorama ]

Not A Joke: ThinkGeek Personal Soundtrack Shirt Available Tomorrow

By Evan Ackerman

Back on April 1st (that would be, April Fool’s Day) we posted about a Personal Soundtrack Shirt from The shirt had a speaker embedded in the front, and would play music and sound effects as you went about your daily business, making your boring life that much more exciting.

It was, of course, a joke.

Or maybe not.

Thinkgeek got such a crazy response to the joke that they’ve decided to make an actual product out of it, and it’ll be on sale in limited quantities starting on Friday. Just like the April Fool’s Day prank, the shirt has a big speaker embedded in the front. A wired remote control allows you to choose the appropriate soundtrack or sound effect to play. If you don’t like the included sounds, you can add your own on an SD card, or even wire an MP3 player directly into the speaker. The electronics are removable so you can wash the shirt if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Personal Soundtrack Shirt is only $40 and is guaranteed to make you awesome forever. Or as long as you’re wearing it, anyway. Video after the jump.Continue Reading

Nikon UP300x Headset Computer

By Evan Ackerman

Wearable computing hasn’t caught on nearly as much as portable computing, and I think there is a distinct possibility that it’s because you look soooo much like a nerd when you put on a pair of video goggles or a HUD. Some of us actually enjoy looking like nerds, though, and it’s this unfortunately unapologetic segment of the tech-obsessed that Nikon seems to be targeting with their Media Port UP300x “multimedia playback headset device.”

The UP300x a single integrated unit that incorporates a tiny fold-down VGA display (which is nonetheless the equivalent of a 50″ screen viewed from 3 meters), headphones, 8 gigs of onboard memory, A/V input, and some kind of WiFi that allows media to be downloaded directly to the device over the internet. There is some ability to browse the internet directly, but I imagine it must be impossibly frustrating. It’s got a USB interface and runs for a couple hours on 2 AA batteries. There are controls on the left earphone, but the UP300x also has a motion sensor that you can use to play, pause, and select video or music by moving your head around. ‘Cause that’s gonna look totally cool and all.

Read how this will get you killed, after the jump.Continue Reading

Sweater Thermometer Tells You It’s Too Hot For Sweaters

By Evan Ackerman

I’m not sure where this chick is from… Maybe or California or Libya or somewhere else where 93 degrees is sweater weather. She should take a look at her integrated sweater thermometer and realize that it’s too damn hot and take it off. Yeah baby. Moving on, the sweater is made of fleece and has two digital thermometers in the sleeve cuffs, one in Fahrenheit and the other in Celsius. I like the way the electronics are handy yet low key and functional, and just make the sweater a little more useful without feeling the need to blind you with piano black finishes and ice blue LEDs.

The Temperature Sweater is available from Generate Design for an undisclosed price that is most likely way, way too high.

[ Temperature Sweater ] VIA [ Gizmo Watch ]

Bulletproof Polo Stops A .44 Magnum In Style

By Evan Ackerman

One of you guys pointed out in the comments that a bulletproof handkerchief in your pocket may not be quite enough to save you from getting shot in the heart. Fair enough. If you’re looking for something equally low-key that offers more protection, designer Miguel Caballero has this invisibly bulletproof polo shirt. The thin kevlar core has a linen covering on both sides, so that the shirt might be a bit heavier than normal, but it’ll look and feel like a regular polo shirt. It comes in three colors (blue, red, white) and three levels of protection (9mm / .357, .357 Magnum / Mac 10 / 12 gauge, .44 Magnum / MP5).

While the shirt may stop the bullet itself, you can expect severe bruising, probably broken bones, and a just a generally unpleasant experience. You’ll still be alive, though, which is generally considered to be a good thing by everyone except for the guy who is wondering why his rounds are being stopped dead by your polo shirt.

The shirts are also waterproof and fireproof, and start at $12,000, but I bet if you’re important enough to need one of these, 12 grand is probably chump change to spend on something that could save your life.

[ Miguel Caballero ] VIA [ Born Rich ]