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Jagdkommando Dagger Has Twisting Blade For 100% More Killing

By David Ponce

The above dagger is called the Jagdkommando Integral Tri-Dagger Fixed Blade Knife. It’s salient feature is that its impressive looking try-edged blade twists, so that you don’t have to. See, it’s one thing to stab something, but if you really want to go for the kill, you twist that blade around when it’s in there. This dagger saves you a step. It also doubles as a glass breaker, with the sheath becoming the breaker’s handle. It’s an impressive looking piece of kit.

Now a small controversy is brewing on the intertubes in regards to this. There are those that say the thing should be illegal, since it serves no other purpose than to kill. Then there are others who point out that unlike utility knives, which can be used to stab someone as well as to cut through some cord, daggers have only one reason for existing. The Jagdkommando, they argue, happens to be a better dagger. We’re siding with the latter group, as many weapons exist for the sole purpose of killing: guns with hollow-point bullets, sniper rifles or even the WASP knife, to only name a few. But dear readers, what do you think?

In any case, we don’t know how much this dagger is and it doesn’t appear to be in stock.

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50 Cal Is For Girls – Check Out This DIY 70 Cal T-Rex Rifle

By David Ponce

Used to be that if you were serious about shooting, the .50 caliber BMG round was the way to go. That sucker could propel an 800 grain lead bullet (that means 52g) to 2,900 ft/s and put an eye out from over a mile away. But that’s not enough; some folks went and made their own rifle and their own ammo and created this monster that uses a 70 caliber bullet. Yes, that does mean that it’s 0.7 inches across.

The cartridge, named the .700 WTF (“What The F…”) and is made by fire forming a .50 BMG brass case, trimming it to 3″ in length and then sizing it. The round is loaded with a 1132 grain (that’s 73.58g) paper patched .700 lead cast bullet.

The rifle, with just a 16.25″ barrel, can push the 1132 grain of lead up to 2300 fps. Thats 13,000 ft/lbs of energy, right up there with the .50 BMG and far exceeding the .700 Nitro Express. The cast lead bullet has enough energy to pass clean through a 1/4″ steel plate.

Well, it has a little more energy than that. It goes through the plate and lodges itself a foot deep into a tree stump. The recoil on that thing makes it look like Chuck Norris kicked you in the chest.

Hit the jump for a couple more pictures and an excruciatingly bad video that’s good to watch only because you see this rifle in action.

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