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Eton Blackout Buddy Flashlight Runs On Nothing But Water

Eton Blackout Buddy H2O


When it rains, it pours. And when there’s a blackout, well, that’s seemingly the only time when you seem to have misplaced all of your batteries… batteries which you could have otherwise used to power up your flashlight. The good news is that there’s an alternative torch by Eton called the Blackout Buddy H2O.

Its name gives a clue when it comes to what it needs to power up, and it ain’t batteries. Yep, you got that right: this handy flashlight needs nothing but water to run. Just put the Blackout Buddy into a cup that’s filled with water and boom, you’ve got light. It can provide up to 72 hours of illumination, which should hopefully be more than enough. The best part? It retails for only $10.

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Drinkable Book Purifies Water, Saves Lives

Drinkable Book


Water is something a lot of us take for granted, considering how vast populations all across the world still don’t have access to clean water, even in this day and age. A lot of organizations are trying to change this or at least come up with concepts to help people in those areas get clean water.

One of these is the Drinkable Book. It isn’t exactly a book you can drink, because that simply doesn’t make sense; rather, it’s a book with pages on the inside that can be torn and used to filter water. The filter paper is effective in weeding out contaminants and bacteria that cause a range of waterborne diseases like cholera and typhoid.

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Thirsty? Eat This: Ooho Water Blobs

Ooho Water Blob

Water bottles add to the bulk of trash that’s already overflowing in most landfills. Thing is, people still need their hydration on the go and some just can’t be bothered with water jugs. The alternative? These edible blobs filled with water created up by three London-based industrial design students Rodrigo García González, Pierre Paslier, and Guillaume Couche.

It’s called the Ooho and it’s a membrane made up of a compound formed from brown algae and calcium chloride. The gel-like substance is able to hold water and eliminates the need for non-biodegradable containers because, as mentioned earlier, it’s edible.

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BluFit Connected Water Bottle: A Solution For A Problem That Doesn’t Exist?


You’re thirsty, you drink. It’s simple, right? Well, that’s how we see it anyway. But it turns out that staying properly hydrated can be a little more complex. For one, once you’re thirsty, it’s a sign you’ve probably already waited a bit too long and your body has fallen to suboptimal hydration levels. The BluFit bottle aims to help you stay full of water at all times, even if you’re too distracted to notice you’ve turned into human jerky. A sensor in the cap keeps track of how much water is dispensed, and an app informs you of your drinking habits. If the time comes for you to have a swig (based on your previously entered age, gender and other details), lights on the outside of the bottle will go off, as well as send notifications to your phone.

There are lots of other things the bottle does, like provide you with metrics of your drinking habits. We’re not entirely convinced this is a necessary product, but we suppose that some people could be a little lackadaisical in their hydration routines. If you want your own BluFit, you’re going to have to pledge $49 towards its Indiegogo campaign.

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Shower Head Prompts People to Take Shorter Showers, Saves Water

Uji Shower

How long is a typical shower for you? Seven minutes is apparently ideal. At least, that’s the figure that Uji’s inventors are working with. But first thing’s first, what’s Uzi? It’s a shower head with a built-in lighting system. The light turns from green to red in a span of seven minutes, which basically signals the person bathing to wrap things up (and wrap himself or herself in a towel!)

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Organic Dehydrated Water: Gluten-Free, No MSG, and For Fools Only

Organic Dehydrated Water

There’s a reason why you should pay attention to labels. Most health buffs these days pick ‘organic’ options where they’re available, while those on a particular diet look for products marked ‘gluten-free.’ But for the ultimate ‘healthy’ treat, I invite you to give organic dehydrated water a shot. It’s free from MSG, it doesn’t contain any gluten, and it’s fresh and definitely not made from concentrate, if you’re worried about that.

Oh, and in case you missed the part about it being dehydrated water, then you fit the target market for these tins–the fools market, that is.

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The Gibbs Quadski Does 45mph On Land Or Water

This vehicle really looks like it should be in a Bond movie, or at the very least in some action flick with a spiffy chase. We think that being able to go 45mph on land or water, with nothing but a 4 second transition period gives the Gibbs Quadski some pretty serious cred. Powered by a BMW Motorrad K1300 engine, the Quadski is able to retract its wheels at the push of a button and give the rider the same level of performance in water than it does outside. Previous such vehicles have topped out at 10mph, which we agree is a ridiculous speed at which to have any kind of chase. Note however that as much as it looks like a AWD ride, it’s actually RWD. We’re not familiar enough with ATVs to know if that still qualifies it as a “quad”, but we’re not here to argue semantics. We can just tell you that if you want one, you’ll have to be ready to pay $40,000 when it goes on sale in November.

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RPG7 PET Bottle Launcher Looks Awesome

We’re sorely lacking in details on this product because the website is Japanese and all the text is in an image, making it almost impossible to use Google Translate. We do think we know this much: it’s a toy designed to launch water bottles as if they were rocket propelled grenades. They are… water propelled bottles? With a 35º angle, you can launch a 600cc bottle up to 35meters away. That’s… not very far! But it’s still cool because it looks like an RPG launcher and if you were to use it in Pakistan to play a prank on the locals, you’d be guaranteed a swift bombing by a drone. Or you can just, you know, play with this safely in your backyard like a normal person.

Well… a normal person with lots of disposable income because the RPG7 is going for ¥28,350 (~$361 USD). That’s one expensive toy.

Incidentally if any of our Japanese speaking readers wants to help us out and dig some details from the links below, that’d be pretty cool.

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