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Sun and Moon Watch Uses Celestial Bodies to Show You What Time It Is

Sun Moon Watch

Ever wondered how people could tell what time of day it was before watches were invented? Well, there were sun dials, water clocks, and candle clocks, but then there was also the celestial bodies. Obviously, looking at the sky won’t really tell you if it’s 3:15 or 3:45 in the afternoon, but really, what choice did they have?

Now you can tell time in a similar way that they did, only in a more developed and technological way with the Sun and Moon Watch. The name basically gives its most discerning feature away: instead of the usual watch face with hands and numerals, the watch features a crescent design instead where a disc with images of the ‘celestial bodies’ turns in the background.

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Tokyoflash Kisai Maze Watch Makes You Work for the Time

Kisai Maze

This watch might just give you a headache whenever you glance at it to check what time it is, but it sure is a looker in more ways than one. Tokyoflash is known for their quirky and out-of-this-world watch designs and concepts. However, the Kisai Maze happens to be an actual product and it’s as outlandish as watches can get.

The watch’s LCD display doesn’t show you the time, but it features a maze instead. You don’t have to navigate through it or anything, though you’ll have to learn how to read the pathways right so you can get the time. Of course, you can just switch back to the regular digital display if you’re strapped for time, but where’s the fun in that?

Hit the break for a video showing the watch off, followed by links on where you can get it.

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These Limited Edition Pac-Man Watches Are Only for Rich Gamers

Pacman Watch

Pac-Man has been around for decades. He’s one of those characters that people of all ages and generations can recognize, right off the bat. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Pac-Man himself and the four villainous Ghosts who were always after him have now been immortalized in Romain Jerome’s special collection of limited edition space watches.

And we do mean a ‘space’ watch in the literal sense, because these timepieces are forged using steel that has been fused with fragments of the Apollo 11. You know, the spacecraft that took Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon.

Romain has kept the design playful but pretty classy at the same time, which is obviously something that’s not easy to achieve. The only downside is that this watch is crazy expensive at $17,800. That’s the price of several Rolex watches and then some.

They’ll be available at Colette in Paris from September 3rd to September 8th, in case you can actually afford it. In that case, lucky you.

VIA [ Born Rich ]

I’m Touchscreen Watch Is Awkwardly Named

By David Ponce

So that’s its name: “I’m.” We know, weird. Nevertheless, it’s a watch with a curved 1.5-inch, 240 x 240 TFT screen with capacitive touch capabilities. The device links up to your phone via Bluetooth for caller ID information as well as data tethering. You can also use it to do the kinds of things that fishing around in your pocket for your phone might be inconvenient. Like getting quick stock quotes, getting a preview of an email, viewing an image gallery, etc. It’s alleged to be running a modified version of Android 1.6 and has 64MB RAM and 4GB storage. It’s a bit like those watches made up of an iPod nano, only with phone features.

The watches start at €249 ($342USD) and go up from there, as there appear to be versions blinged out with some gold and jewels, although these are on pre-order at the moment. However, very little is known about this company so we’re not going to give you any go-aheads until actual products are in customers’ hands. We won’t lie though: we’d be very disappointed if any of our readers has €10,000 to spend on a fancy watch. And yes, some models cost that much. Link to website full of self-aggrandizing and barely informative videos below.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Wired's Gadget Lab ]

LED Binary Watch Confuses Non-Geeks

By Chris Scott Barr

As the old joke goes “there are only 10 types of people in this world: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.” If you happen to fall into the latter group (and consequently don’t get the joke), you might want to pass on this LED Binary Watch. Mostly because you aren’t going to be able to read it without a bit of studying. Otherwise, you might find this little timepiece amusing, and wear it proudly as a symbol of your geek pride.

I’ve seen a number of other binary watches before, but they usually try to hard to look futuristic for my taste. This one keeps the usual round face outlined in stainless steel with a leather band. The face is still pretty geeky, what with the exposed circuitboard and LEDs. The nice thing is that even if you’re not fluent in binary, you should be able to read the time, as they’ve conveniently placed the numbers by their respective LEDs. Just add up the numbers under the lights and you’re good. Just $70 puts one of these on your wrist.

[ ThinkGeek ]

Analarm Watch Quietly Wakes You In The Morning

By Chris Scott Barr

If you’ve ever shared a bed with someone who has to get out of bed hours before you, then you probably hate the sound of an alarm more than most. Not only do you have to hear it when it’s time for you to get your day started, but you get to hear it when someone else is getting up as well. The best part is when the other person likes to hit the snooze button a few times. Not that I’ve experienced this and am bitter or anything.

Anywho, back to the matter at hand. One way you can wake yourself in the morning without disturbing the other person in bed is with a vibrating watch like this Analarm Watch. This timepiece is rather simple, with just a very basic face and no frills. The only thing out of the ordinary is the alarm feature, which instead of beeping, vibrates. Well, the $450 price tag is pretty out of the ordinary too. I think I’ll find a better way to quietly get myself up in the morning.

[ RetailFacility ] VIA [ CreativeGreed ]

sWaP Rebel Smart Watch And Phone

sWaP Rebel Smart Watch And Phone (Images courtesy Dyal Trading)
By Andrew Liszewski

It might share the same loud, Swatch-esque styling and colors of the recent glut of iPod Nano watch bands, but this sWaP Rebel is another one of those far more capable watch phones that I wouldn’t mind strapping to my wrist. It doesn’t look overly monstrous either, even though it’s packed to the gills with technology. Where to begin?

First and foremost it’s a GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz phone with Bluetooth for receiving/making calls with a headset, but there’s a built-in mic too if you want to use it like Dick Tracy’s wrist communicator. The 1.46-inch touchscreen LCD is probably a bit cramped to use with your finger, but the on-screen icons look big enough that most people won’t require a special dialing wand. There’s also a built-in camera that’s photo and video capable, and while file transfers can be done over Bluetooth, the watch’s strap features a USB port for connecting it directly to a PC. Not surprisingly, that’s how you charge it too. You can expect to get about 130-160 minutes of talk time on a full charge, with 85 hours of standby, presuming you don’t play with the watch too much between calls. ~$300 (£189) unless you can maybe find one subsidized by a carrier.

[ sWaP Rebel Smart Watch And Phone ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

New Casio G-Shock Watch May Induce Headache, Nausea


By Evan Ackerman

There are watches that are kinda ugly. You know, like, you probably wouldn’t buy one ugly. Then there are watches that are really ugly, as in, you wouldn’t wear one if someone gave it to you for free. And then there are watches like the newest Casio G-Shock, which are so ugly that even looking at them can cause physical pain. Apparently, this watch is called MAN BOX; feel free to amuse yourself trying to figure out why that is. And when you’re done with that, you can start pondering just who would be crazy enough to spend $225 on one of these.

Available in Japan.

VIA [ Akihabara News ]

The Chairman Phone Gets Official


by Shane McGlaun

I am a big fan of cool gadgets as you might imagine, but when it comes to smartphones the most money I am willing to pony up is the $300 or so the iPhone costs. There are a few phones on the market that are designed for those with wallets fatter than mine though and perhaps one of the most expensive was announced today.

Earlier this month we talked a bit about the Chairman phone from Ulysse Nardin, but at the time there were few hard specs for the device. Today a bit more on the specification side has been announced for the handset. The Chairman can be had in a few different styles including a solid gold version, a steel/gold version, and a solid steel version.

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