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Samsung’s New Front Loading Washing Machine Lets You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too


Front-loading washing machines have many advantages over traditional top-loading ones, like needing less water to accomplish the same tasks. But one drawback is that once the cycle has started, you can’t usually add any more clothes. Samsung’s new WW8500 AddWash changes that by incorporating a second small door on the main front door, which you can use to add things mid-cycle. Just press the pause button, and add whatever you want without any of the water spilling out the front. It’s a pretty high-tech washing machine that even includes WiFi so that you can monitor your cycle with your smartphone. There’s no word on pricing or availability, but you can bet it won’t be the cheapest machine on the block.

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Foot Powered Washing Machine Works Off The Grid


Before we harnessed electricity, we used to wash clothes with a little elbow grease. But we’ve had powered washing machines for so long, it’s easy to forget that sometimes we may need to get clothes clean when the power is out, and a washboard isn’t necessarily the best way to go about it. While not as portable as the Scrubba Bag, the Yirego Drumi Off Grid Washer is a foot-powered washer and spin-dryer that uses no electricity to do its job. You simply insert some garments in the inner sphere, which is full of holes and ridges. Add some detergent and get to pumping with your foot. The sphere turns, tumbling your clothes in the water and soap, getting them clean. Draining the dirty water is done through the press of a button. The device looks good and modern, and may offer some of the more eco-conscious among us an alternative means of staying fresh and clean. It’s a $129CAD (about $107USD) pre-order, and two heaping spoonfuls of patience since delivery is slated for July 2016!


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Panasonic Introduces 3D Washing Machine


By David Ponce

This has been out since February, actually, but I can’t find any mention of it anywhere for some reason. It seems Panasonic has released for the European market three different models of washing machines that feature a special 3D sensor. Why?

As the advanced 3D sensor detects how the drum moves according to load, a variable speed control system uses that information to fine-tune motor operation. This eliminates unbalanced loads and creates an ideal three-dimensional washing effect. The result here is less stretching, less tangling and fewer wrinkles — and an altogether gentler effect on the clothes in the wash.

There’s also some talk of energy-saving, water saving and other environmentally friendly buzzwords.

It should currently be available in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom, followed by other parts of Europe over the course of the year.

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