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Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On EOS Titanium 2.0 Wallet (Flame Treated)


Look, you’re going to need a new wallet at some point. You might even need one now, and the EOS Titanium 2.0 Wallet (Flame Treated) stands out from the rest for its flame treated Titanium appearance, as well as a host of other features.

Get the simplicity of a dual-plate wallet, the functionality of a money clip, and the style of Grade5 titanium with this best-selling wallet. CNC machined and designed with six O-rings to prevent any bill or card from slipping through, the Titanium 2.0 Wallet covers all its bases. Easily fan open the contents to select what you need, and use the thumb slot as a bottle opener when what you really need is a cold one.

– Stores up to 25 cards, 20 cards & 20 bills, or 60 bills
– Flame treated for a unique, natural appearance
– Includes a thumb slot/bottle opener
– Provides easy access to contents
– CNC machined from titanium
– Constructed in the O-ring style (2 plates & 6 O-rings)
– Includes a Fulcrum titanium money clip
– Keeps contents secure

Normally $105, it’s $74.99 after today’s rebate.


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Deal Of The Day: 37% Off On The HuMn RFID Mini Wallet


I was just looking for a wallet this week. Mine is wearing out after 7 years of good use, but it’s hard to get my wallet needs just right. I’m particular. The HuMn RFID Mini Wallet however looks just right.

The popular sleek, minimalist HuMn wallet is now available in a miniature version; same great design, but just a touch larger than your average credit card, and with updated shock strap technology for extra-strength elasticity. The days of lugging around a clunky pocketbook are over, and this meticulously designed high-quality wallet is the perfect solution to carrying the essentials in an organized and stylish manner.

– Made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, then powder-coated with a durable matte black finish
– Redesigned straps are a polyurethane rubber, made to last and retain elasticity
– Aluminum plates protect against RFID skimming
– Ideal size for cards and cash

Nice thing about it of course is the price. I mean, this is a wallet after all and it shouldn’t break the bank. At $36.99 after today’s 37% rebate, with free shipping, I’d say it hits the mark.


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Deal Of The Day: 22% Off On Liquid Co. Essentialist Wallet


There are all kinds of wallets on the market, but it’s not every day you come across one made entirely of metal, with RFID protection and space for up to 6 cards as well as other stuff. The Liquid Co. Essentialist Wallet does all those things and more.

The philosophy behind this handsome aluminum wallet? Carry your essentials with pride. If the stellar aesthetics aren’t enough to boost your ego, the killer functionality will seal the deal. Store your cards, cash, a bottle opener, your keys, and more, and still easily slip it in your pocket bulge-free. Even when you hit the town with just a single card, the premium elastic strap will hold it safe until morning comes.

– Protect your credit card numbers & identity w/ RFID protection
– Attach up to 4 accessories or keys w/ attached posts
– Hold wallet contents securely w/ premium ribbed, non-roll elastic that won’t wear or loosen
– Comfortably hold up to 6 cards
– Carry key fobs or car remotes w/ stainless steel key ring attachment
– Easily access your cards w/ side thumb slot
– Change up the look w/ interchangeable black & gold screw sets

Normally you’d pay $84 for this, but with today’s deal it’s $64.99.


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Deal Of The Day: 49% Off On HUSKK Quickdraw Phone Case & Wallet


While women tend to have the problem of being able to carry too much stuff around in their purses, we men tend to have the opposite issue. That’s why we’re always seeing “new, slim, revolutionary wallets” on Kickstarter. The HUSKK Quickdraw Phone Case & Wallet however seems to offer an interesting solution because it combines phone case with wallet. If you’re able to pare down your belongings to the bare essentials, you could get away with carrying everything you need in one pocket!

It’s time to lighten your load with HUSKK’s hybrid wallet and phone case. Italian leather meets classic British craftsmanship in this minimalist wallet that helps you get rid of the bulk and conveniently carry the essentials cards.

HUSKK is taking efficient everyday carry to the next level with then new Quickdraw iPhone wallet case,” GQ

– Comfortably fits up to 7 cards & cash in its slim design
– Easily slips into your pocket
– Includes a hidden magnetic closure for ease of use
– Contains a convenient “quick-access” slot for cash & card
– Provides ultimate screen protection w/ Face Down screen guard
– Feel secure that your wallet is always anywhere your phone is (you can even call it!)

Normally you’d have to pay $49 for this, but with today’s deal it’s 24.99.


[ Get The HUSKK Quickdraw Case & Wallet ]

Carbon Fiber Wallet


There’s really no functional need for you to own a Carbon Fiber Wallet. But it does look awesome, and we wouldn’t mind pulling that out of our pockets and flashing it around; vanity is reason enough. So know that for $60 you can own this card and cash carrier, which features 3 standard sized credit card pockets as well as a cash and ID compartment. It offers some level of RFID protection, as well as a Rip-Stop Interior.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ ThisIsWhyImBroke ]

Woolet, The Smart Wallet, Is Packed With Features


We usually refrain from reporting on wallets from Kickstarter, because they’re a dime a dozen and all are pretty boring. The Woolet is different. It features some technology that lets it do stuff most other wallets can’t. It’ll sync up with your phone through Bluetooth, and send you a notification if you ever walk away from it. It also works the other way around: if you leave your phone behind, your wallet will ring! But that’s not where the features stop. If you can’t find Woolet, just launch the app and start looking for it; like a game of hot-or-cold, the app will guide you to it. Better yet, you can press a button and have your Woolet start making an audible alarm. It tracks the wallet’s last location, even if you’ve forgotten the last place you’ve seen it. And there’s even a Crowd Detection function: “with a simple press on your phone, every other Woolet user will start scanning for your lost Woolet. When they get within range, the GPS location is instantly updated to your phone.”

The best part of Woolet? The batteries will never need charging! The company is currently testing kinetic and body-heat charging methods for this. If all goes well (and the project is fully funded, 2,100%), you could receive your Woolet in May, with a $99 pledge.


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Deal Of The Day: 33% Off On The RFID Blocking Alpha Wallet


If you’re in the market for a new wallet, we sincerely hope you’re considering some of the slimmer, more minimal offerings out there. No one wants a George Costanza situation. And while you’re at it, why not get something like the Alpha Wallet? It features two anodized metal plates, held together with a rubber band. Sandwich your cards and cash between them, and never worry about someone skimming your information. Normally costing $45, you can have it for $30 today.


[ Get The Alpha Wallet ]

Deal Of The Day: 27% Off On A3 Wallet


We see our fair share of wallets at OhGizmo, and very few offer the innovation their marketing material suggests. The A3 wallet on the other hand is kind of interesting. It consists of three aluminum plates held together with two large O-rings. Your cards and cash is meant to be sandwiched between these plates, and easily accessed by simply pulling them apart. The elastic nature of the O-rings means you have flexibility and can stash quite a bit of stuff in there, while remaining slim and unobtrusive. Since it’s made of aluminum, you also do get some RFID blocking capabilities. If you take a second to watch the video, you’ll see this is actually a pretty cool wallet. Normally you’d have to pay $47 to own it, but this special brings it down to $33.99.

[ 27% Off On A3 Wallet ]

This Gerber Money Clip Also Packs A Blade


We’re not exactly sure what sort of scenario would call for someone to be able to pull a blade out of their money clip, but that’s exactly what we’re looking at here with the Gerber 31-002521 GDC Money Clip. You can carry a couple of cards and bills on the one side, and a titanium nitride coated steel blade with a G10 front plate on the other. Measuring only 3.6 inches, it’s relatively discreet, while tipping the scales at a paltry 2.9 ounces. $30 and it’s yours.

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