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Here Are The First Shots Of The Upcoming WALL-E LEGO Set


If you watched WALL-E and didn’t think he was the cutest imaginary robot ever created, perhaps there’s a little hole where your heart should be. So we’re excited to show you what appears to be the first pictures of the upcoming WALL-E set from LEGO. Originally the idea of Angus Maclane, an animator on the movie, LEGO announced back in February that the set would come to life. Now it has and here are what some think are sneak peaks. They showed up on a reseller website, ut now they’ve been taken down. Are they fake? We’re not sure, so obviously there’s no word on availability, but we hear pricing is rumoured to be between $40 and $65. One way or another, we suspect LEGO WALL-E is going to happen.


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Dude Builds An Adorably Awesome Real-Life Wall-E Robot

Wall-E Robot

Remember Wall-E? That scruffy but cute little bot who starred in his own movie five years ago? Well, now he’s made the ultimate of crossovers from the world of movies into real life. It didn’t involve magic or the involvement of studio giants, though. All it took to make it happen was one dedicated dude and his very good friend.

Mike McCaster and his buddy Mike Senna worked on their real-life Wall-E bot for years. It’s not just some R/C car that was taken apart and put together with a new frame either. They painstakingly crafted each piece for the robot from scratch.

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