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OhGizmo Voice Post: Bring The iPhone To Canada!

By David Ponce

So, the iPhone’s unlocked. That’s all fine and dandy for most of the world. Except Canada. Here, we’d have to mortgage our homes to be able to afford the data that makes the iPhone so useful… In this voice post, myself and a very beautiful female guest make a plea to Canadian telecoms: bring the iPhone home!

And for the record, my lovely guest is (despite the way she sounds) a very smart 25 year old. Oh, and we didn’t drink anything. I swear.

OhGizmo Voice Post: My Beef With The New YouTube Ads

By David Ponce

Yeah, I might have a problem with the new ads on YouTube.

Yeah. Me. A problem with ads. Ironic, I know. Still, hear me out.

OhGizmo Voice Posts: My Beef With Technorati

By David Ponce

Yeah, I gots me some problems with the big Technorati. You want to find out what, just listen to the below voice post.

OhGizmo Voice Posts: One For The Weekend

By David Ponce

We don’t usually write on the weekends. But this isn’t writing. So enjoy.

– The CD turns 25. [ Link ]

– Dell admits to shenanigans. [ Link ]

– Million dollar washers? [ Link ]

OhGizmo Voice Posts: Wednesday Tech News

By David Ponce

Below is the actual voice post. Here are the links so you can follow what I’m saying.

– Thanks for visiting BotJunkie!

– UK ISPs are whining about the BBC’s new iPlayer and the rising cost of bandwidth. [ Link ]

– Hackers may have managed to unlock the iPhone to work with any carrier. [ Link ]

– Wikiscanner launched, Fox caught editing entries on itself. [ Link ] and [ WikiScanner ]

OhGizmo Voice Post: My Cold, Netscape’s Possible Death, DRM-Free Universal Music And A Little Tease

So it’s time for another voice post. Couple of interesting items this time around:

– I have a dang cold! could die as we know it.

Universal to sell DRM-free music.

– It’s a tease, but you gotta listen to know more.

OhGizmo Voice Post: ThinkGeek Winner, Rupert Murdoch, Morgan Webb And Other Stuff

By David Ponce

Allright, time for the weekly voice post. Last time, I offered a $25 ThinkGeek certificate to whoever listened carefully enough. We got us a winner, and he’ll be announced in this week’s voice post. Other than that, people, you get squat.

Well, not quite. You just don’t get any swag. But that’s no reason not to listen. See, I also talk about a few things, which I’ll highlight below with some links.

– Rupert Murdoch in the news. Again.

– Google. Cell phone. Playing me-too game. Fun stuff.

Morgan Webb. She’s alive. Of course she is. But she’s an FM author now.

Oh, and please forgive the dial note at the very end. I’m a moron. I can’t find the # sign on a keypad.

OhGizmo Giveaway: Listen Carefully And Win $25 At Thinkgeek

It’s not that I think I have a great voice or anything. Far from it. But I’m actually digging subjecting y’all to my melodious intonations; to make sure you get in on the fun, I’m going to prod you with a little giveaway. The below voice post contains a secret word. Email that word to “ogcontests at gmail DOT com” and get one chance to win a $25 gift certificate to ThinkGeek, everyone’s favorite geek store.

Aside from that, what can you expect to hear? A quick blurb on Steorn, the free energy nuts. And a sad tidbit on Richard Branson’s tragic incident in the desert a few hours ago.