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Outer Space Vodka Is Filtered Through Meteorites


Vodka is vodka is vodka; as far as we’re concerned, they’re all pretty much the same. Oh sure, some are smoother than others, but at the end of the day we rarely sit down and sip on a snifter of vodka; that pleasure is reserved for more aromatic spirits like Whiskey. So in order to stand out amongst the other commodity-like brands of vodka, you have to come up with some gimmick or other. Outer Space Vodka’s idea is to filter the liquid through meteorites and to package it in a bottle that looks like what we seem to think aliens resemble. They make no claim of out-of-this-world taste (get it?) or any other drinking benefits beyond the knowledge that it’s been in contact with material that literally comes from space. It’s as good a gimmick as any, we suppose, and it’s $30.

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Chill to Warm Up: Icycls are Fruit-Flavored Ice Pops Made With Vodka


If you can’t handle regular shots or just feel like trying out something new, then you might want to stock up on these Icycls. They bring something new and different to liquor that makes it easier for you to get your liquor fix. They’re basically fruit-flavored ice pops made with vodka for that extra kick.

They contain 6.4% ABV, so you should definitely hide them away in your freezer where kids can’t find them.

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World’s First Pure Milk Vodka Sounds Intriguing


We absolutely judge people based on the drink they hold in their hands; let’s face it, everyone does. But we’re entirely at a loss on what to think of someone holding a drink made from milk. Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka forgoes the grains that typically serve as a vodka base, and instead uses the whey that remains after cheese curds have been separated from the milk. The whey is fermented into a beer, which is then distilled into the vodka you see above. There’s some filtering and blending going on as well, in a proprietary process, but the result is said to give “a sweet creamy taste with subtle hints of vanilla and cinnamon.” The libation is manufactured in the West Dorset countryside, in England, by one Jason Barber and his 250 grass-fed cows. A 24oz. bottle will set you back £29, or roughly $47.

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Glazed Donut Vodka, Because Being Drunk Is Better Than A Sugar High

By David Ponce

What beats wharfing down a dozen donuts on your own? Doing a dozen Glazed Donut Vodka shots, of course. Aside from the possible trip to the emergency room for a vigorous stomach pumping exercise, it sounds like a great idea. Made by 360 Vodka, who also make other flavours like Cola, Double Chocolate, and Vanilla, the Glazed Donut variety sure sounds like their most audacious concoction to date. It’s $16 a bottle and the only thing left for us to do is to start praying they come out with the only flavour that could possibly top this: maple and bacon. And why not? Bacon Vodka already exists…

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