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Prom Night is Coming: If ‘Game of Thrones’ Were Set in a High School

Game of Thrones is currently one of the hottest shows on television. Or should I say coldest? George R. R. Martin’s compelling tale is transformed into impressive imagery interspersed with extreme violence in the series which hooks viewers almost instantly after they catch an episode or two.

Hoping to catch your attention and interest, though, is this creative parody that changes the setting of the hit franchise into a typical high school. Imagine GOT mixed with teen angst and prom night, and you’ve got School of Thrones in a nutshell. Check it out!

VIA [ io9 ]

An Odd Request: Guy Asks Wife for a Slappy Wake Up Call Every Morning

I don’t know how they do it, but some people manage to sleep through their alarms every morning, regardless of how loud or irritating it is. Take it from someone who’s lived with a sister who sets alarms for four in the morning because she needs to cram for a test… only to sleep through it and wake the rest of the household at such an ungodly hour.

This guy, however… maybe he hasn’t had much luck with alarms, because he requested his wife to slap him awake every morning for fifteen days. I don’t know why he chose such a painful wake-up call, but it’s hilarious all the same.

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]

Let’s Get That Cream Outta There!: Physicist Builds Machine that De-Creams Oreos

Oreo Creme Remove Machine

What are Oreos without their delightfully sweet cream fillings? Not very good, that’s for sure. It’s like taking the fatty strips out of bacon, or serving toast without butter. It just isn’t as good as it’s supposed to be.

However, physicist, artist, and copywriter David Neevel disagrees–at least on the part about Oreo and the cream, because he’s built an Oreo Separator Machine (OSM) that’ll take the cream out of every cookie sandwich within its de-creaming midst. Neevel doesn’t have anything against the cream, however, because he built his machine as part of Nabisco’s Cookie vs. Cream campaign.

Hit the break to watch his OSM in action!

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Watch What Happens When You Forget The Hose Out In The Cold


Spoiler: you get a lot of cylindrical ice.

You should still watch the video even though you know the plot twist, because it’s like those videos showing a bunch of clowns coming out of a Beetle; it’s just never ending.

And it’s being passed around online so we think it’s worth a quick look.

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House Of The Rising Sun Played On A Pair Of Tesla Coils

I’m home, bored on a Saturday evening, so here’s an oldie but goodie for those of you doing the same and stumbling upon a rare weekend OhGizmo! post in your Interweb meanderings. It’s The Animals’ House Of The Rising Sun played on a pair of Tesla coils. Yes, there’s sparks galore and yes it’s as awesome as it sounds.

As the YouTube comment says: “Dude. Science and sh#t.”


Vinecats Shows You That It’s Cats All Over the World Tonight


Vine is supposedly Twitter’s answer to Instagram, but it seems like a weak concept at best. The idea behind it is to capture videos up to six seconds long and share them with others through the iOS app. Most of the ones we’ve seen so far are basically 6-second long clips of still (or slightly animate) objects, animals, or scenery–nothing that a picture can’t take care of.

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Awesome But Strange: Three Ways to Kill a Chocolate Bunny

How to Kill a Chocolate Bunny

This is probably the strangest video that I’ve seen on the Internet. First of all: why would anyone want to kill a chocolate bunny, when they could just eat it? The answer to that is probably creative license, but to the rest of us, it’s just plain silly. However, it also makes for a few good laughs. Clearly, the first way to ‘kill’ a chocolate bunny is by ironing it to a gooey puddle. On hindsight, this will probably ruin your iron in the process, but hey, if it helps create a viral video, then why not?

Hit the break to watch the strangely hilarious clip.

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iPhone Quick Release System Demonstration Will Have You In Stitches, May Be Useful Someday

Ever wanted to whip your iPhone out from under your sleeve in a split-second? You know, like Ezio whips out his dagger in Assassin’s Creed? Or how Travis Bickle whips out his gun in Taxi Driver? No? How about you watch the video below, featuring Showta Mori in a hilarious demonstration of his iPhone Quick Release System, which he calls “Quick on the Call.” It’s a system of metal rails with a case at the tip, which allows you to quickly bring your phone up to your hand with a quick motion of the forearm. It’s stupid and useless, and brilliant all at once.

Best of all, you can buy your own at the guy’s Etsy shop, for $60. It’s compatible with iPhone 4, 4S and 5.

Want another hilarious video? Hit the jump.

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What Sound Does A Red Hot Ball Of Nickel Being Dropped Into Water Make?

Haven’t you always wondered that? No? Neither have we, but now that we know, we can assure you it’s nothing like what we would have imagined.


VIA [ Geekologie ]