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How Old Are Your Ears? Take This Test and Find Out

Ear Age

You probably use your ears a lot, even when you don’t mean to or when you’re not supposed to (ahem, like when you eavesdrop.) Studies show that people put their hearing at risk a lot, with too-loud headphones, blaring car stereos, and uber loud concerts that are partly to blame.

So the big question is: How old are your ears? AsapScience has created a hearing test of sorts that plays a series of tones at increasing frequencies. The video indicates which average age group can hear the tones, so you can find just how good or bad your hearing is almost immediately.

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Yes, This Dude’s Driving an Upside-Down Camaro

Upside Down Camaro

No, there’s nothing wrong with your computer screen and your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This guy here is really driving an upside-down Camaro during a tongue-in-cheek racing event called 24 Hours of LeMONS. It’s essentially an endurance race for $500 cars.

The car pictured above combines elements of a bunch of two well-known vehicles: Chevy’s Camaro and Ford’s Festiva. It looks like the former on the outside, while running on the four cylinder, 1.3-liter engine of the latter on the inside.

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Wheelbarrow with Internal Combustion Engine: Can Your Wheelbarrow Go Faster Than This?

world's fastest wheelbarrow

Hold your horses–er, barrows–because this might just be the fastest motor-powered wheelbarrow you’ll ever see!

Apparently modding wheelbarrows is a thing now, at least in Poland, where one dude decided to hook his barrow up with what sounds like a trail bike motor to give it that extra boost. It’s probably all for novelty’s sake. I mean, it’s admittedly pretty cool to have a wheelbarrow you can ride like a Segway, right?

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You’ll Never Look At Them The Same: This Is What A Mosquito’s Mouthpiece Looking For A Blood Vessel Under Your Skin Looks Like

Squeamish? Please abstain. It’s not as gory or gross a video, as much as it is a disquieting perspective on just what exactly it is that goes on under the skin when a mosquito catches you distracted, and starts to feast. The stunning footage was grabbed by Valérie Choumet at Paris’s Institut Pasteur, where she anaesthetized a mouse, stuck a microscope against a flap of its skin and convinced a mosquito to bite in the right spot. What you see is the insect’s mouthparts probing around, looking for a blood vessel.

The large central needle in the video is actually two parallel tubes—the hypopharynx, which sends saliva down, and the labrum, which pumps blood back up. When a mosquito finds a host, these mouthparts probe around for a blood vessel. They often take several attempts, and a couple of minutes, to find one. And unexpectedly, around half of the ones that Choumet tested failed to do so. While they could all bite, it seemed that many suck at sucking.

We’ll include only this video in the article, but if you’re interested in just what is going on, you should follow the link at the bottom. It leads to a National Geographic article with tons more detail and a couple more vids.

[ National Geographic ]

GTA V Gameplay Footage: Set Your Drool To 10


It’s time for some gameplay footage, folks, and this time it’s courtesy of Rockstar. GTA V is highly anticipated, so the excitement is understandable. In the 5 minute trailer, you find out about its insanely expansive maps, as well as the ability to ride bicycles, go skydiving, play tennis, go golfing, deep sea diving, pilot helicopters (that’s not exactly new), ram into things, shoot stuff up, cause mayhem… Heck, everything you’ve ever done in a GTA game, only more and hopefully, better (so don’t forget the GTA V cheats). Watch for yourselves and decide. The game comes out September 17.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

They Walk Among Us: Prank Shows Jedi Using the Force to Open Elevator Doors

The force is with this Jedi, and he likes using his powers to make elevator doors re-open just as they’re sliding shut. You might dismiss it as an odd but amusing coincidence the first time it happens, but when it happens three more times, then you know something’s up. Either this dude really has telekinetic powers or he’s got someone on the outside..

I think it’s pretty clear which of these options is true.

The Star Wars-themed prank was thought up by the JesterLads at King’s College London. It’s pretty hilarious and you can easily replicate it if you want to pull the same prank on other people.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

What Happens If Superman Punches You In Real Life? (Spoiler: You Can’t Just Shake It Off)

Comic book nerd? Physics nerd? Both? Awesome! The video above is going to make you grin ear to ear for five minutes. It’s an engaging breakdown of what would happen if the Man of Steel were to apply his fist to your face, in reality.

VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]

Hospital Creates Superhero Fantasy To Soothe Children Undergoing Chemotherapy


This story is blowing up online, and we can understand why. There’s very few things sadder than sick children, so when news that A.C.Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil had teamed up with Warner Bros. to create a genius program for cancer-stricken kids, the world took notice. They’ve decked out the entire ward in superhero paraphernalia, making kids feel as though they’re not really sick, only “regenerating their powers”. Stuff like this can go a long way to boost morale:

Covers for intravenous bags were constructed based on characters from the Justice League, creating…a child-friendly version of the treatment. Co-developed with doctors, the covers are easy to sterilize and handle and meet all hospital hygiene standards.

(The) experience went far beyond the covers by also providing a new look to the entire Children’s Ward: the game room was turned into the Hall of Justice, corridors and doors were decorated in the same theme, and the exterior acquired an exclusive entrance for these little heroes.

As any good cancer doctor will tell you, the most important step in fighting the disease is believing in a cure.

Boy do we wish that outside the box thinking like this happened more often; we’re pretty sure that sick kids stateside would love a program like this.

For a video of the rebranding, hit the jump.

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Microsoft Takes Some Long Overdue Jabs At Apple In Ad

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 10.24.19 PM

This ad has been floating around for about a week, but in case you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a fun, lighthearted attempt by Microsoft to point out the iPad’s shortcomings. And it’s right on point. It’s reminiscent of Apple’s award-winning “I’m a Mac” ads in accuracy, yet different in its delivery. We’re not completely sold on a Surface yet, but that’s mostly because we haven’t gotten past seeing tablets as much more than entertainment consumption devices, rather than productivity machines. But maybe it’s time that changed, and the below ad sure has us thinking.

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