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Hackycat Wants You to Kick Cats and Collect Cheezburgers–All In the Name of Fun!


Love them or hate them, cats and the hoards of cat-related memes, games, and images spread all over the interwebs are here to stay. The newest is Hackycat, which wants you to save cats from exploding–because for some reason, they’ll get blown to bits if they hit the ground–by kicking them. It’s either a sore behind or, well, an impending explosion, so I’d definitely choose the former if I were a cat.

To make things more fun and challenging, the player can get some awesome power-ups and superkicks by collecting cheezburgers (without the ‘E’), because yeah, we all know the secret to a long and active life are these calorie-filled sandwiches. Hit the break for a trailer of the game.

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Ultimate Arcade Cabinet With 55-Inch Screen Lets You Play 50,000 Games

Ultimate Arcade

Arcade machines became less and less popular with the release of video game consoles like the Family Computer and the PlayStation. The latter were compact, highly portable, and had the capacity to support a wide variety of games in the comfort of the players’ homes. Arcade machines are still around these days, and while a lot of gamers still troop down to play their games at the local arcade, their popularity is waning.

So I think the unveiling of the Ultimate Arcade Cabinet was just timely. It’s a specially-built arcade cabinet by Jack Thompson and the crew at ArcadesRFun and it’s one arcade that’ll make you want to spend all your time at the arcade again. It’s equipped with a large, 55-inch display and has full controls for up to four players.

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Check Out the World’s Smallest Arcade Machine

Smallest Arcade

If you have big thumbs or fat fingers, then you might as well give up on this arcade machine because you won’t be able to score much on it at all. This here is the teeniest arcade machine you’ve probably ever seen in your whole life, and it looks all kinds of awesome.

The mini machine, which measures only 4.88 x 2.05 x 2.35in, was built by computer engineer Mark Slevinsky. It’s one of the many impressive gaming-related feats featured in the Guinness World Records 2013 Gamers Edition, where it was recognized as the smallest arcade machine in the world.

The best part? It actually lets you play clones of classic arcade games like TetrisSpace Invaders, and Breakout on it.

VIA [ Dvice ]

GameStick Makes It Easy to Play Games on Your TV Again


When was the last time you played a video game on your television set? According to the folks behind GameStick, there are 1,416,338,245 TVs in the world but less than 1% of them are being used to play video games. That seems like a huge waste of television usage potential, if you ask me. So what they did was come up with an ultra-portable video game console called GameStick to encourage people to play video games the way they were made to be played: on a huge screen.

GameStick is basically an entire console in a tiny stick. It’s so tiny that it can actually fit inside a compartment of the controller that it comes with. You can hit the break for a video introducing the gaming wonder that is GameStick.

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Ultimate US Super Nintendo Collection is Currently Up for Sale on eBay

Super NES

Fancy owning every single game that was ever made for the SNES? At least, the ones that were officially released in the US, Canada, and Mexico anyway. You do? Well, now’s your chance to get all 721 games because byuu from Reddit is selling the neat collection that he’s managed to collect and complete over the course of three years.

The asking price is $24,999, and while it might seem like a steep amount, it really isn’t, considering the fact that the top 25 games or so are worth half of his asking price. Proceeds from the sales will go to byuu’s next project: collecting every game that was released for the European and Japanese market.

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Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life the Second Time Around

Assassin's Creed Parkour

Parkour has been around for quite a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that it hit the mainstream. At least, for geeks like us. Skilled freerunner Ronnie Shalvis decided to show off the amazing things you can do with the discipline by combining it with Assassin’s Creed. The result is this awesome video where Connor gives chase to redcoats running away on galloping horses with the less fortunate ones hanging from the trees.

Ronnie’s moves are so smooth that what he’s doing almost looks like a piece of cake. Almost. Hit the break to check out the video and see for yourself.

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Now You Can Play Ms. Pac-Man in Awesome 3D

3D Ms PacMan

Immerse yourself in playing your video games like never before with Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi‘s awesome gaming exhibit that’s currently being displayed at New York’s Museum of Art & Design.

You probably never imagined that you’d get to play your favorite classics like Ms. Pac-Man and Mario Brothers in 3D while the entire screen takes over the entire room, right? It’s a gamer’s heaven, and it’s unfortunate that you can’t take it home with you. If you live in NY or happen to be visiting someone in the area, then drop by the Museum to check out Takahashi’s exhibit.

Check out a video of the awesome room-wide gameplay after the break.

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Xbox Owners Can Get Guitar Hero Metallica Demo Now

ghmetallica-sb By Shane McGlaun

Music games may look geeky to those who aren’t into video games or music. Even if you have friends who don’t like to play the drums, sing, or play guitar in a virtual band, at least they can sit around and make fun of you while you rock out.

Guitar Hero fans that have been waiting for the next title in the franchise, Guitar Hero Metallica, to launch can now get a taste of what the full game will offer with the playable demo for the game now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Tetris & Pong Forever Keeps You Entertained In The Grocery Line

Tetris & Pong Forever

By Luke Anderson

Do you get bored while riding the bus, standing in line, or just about anywhere that requires you to wait for short (or long) periods? I’m easily bored, so I keep my Nintendo DS on me almost all the time, however, if I’ve only got a couple minutes to kill, I don’t usually bother getting it out. Now if I had a watch that let me play Tetris or Pong, I’d be set.

That’s exactly what this Tetris & Pong Forever watch promises. It doesn’t appear to be much larger than the calculator watches that you used to see in the 80′s and 90′s. The simple d-pad is all you need to play the games. Unfortunately, it’s only a concept design for now. This is something I’d definitely buy, so here’s to hoping it is actually created one day!

VIA [Yanko Design]