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Skype To Roll Out 5-Way Video Calling


By Chris Scott Barr

When it comes to video conferencing services, I pretty much stuck to Skype. For me, it’s proven itself to be the best cross-platform software for video chat out there. Starting next week, it’s going to get even better. While we have been limited to one-on-one conversations until now, that will no longer be the case.

Next week Skype will roll out 5-way video calling to users. It will be a free service for the time being, but don’t get too attached to that price. Later in the year they plan to charge for the new 5-way video calling service. No word on just how much it will set you back to video chat with four of  your friends at the same time.

[ Skype ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Samsung Announces an Expensive Video Conferencing LCD


By Shane McGlaun

Before the global economy went into the crapper, many businesses held quarterly or more frequent meetings to talk strategy and other items. Many firms flew employees in from all around the country to attend these meetings. With the poor economy today, flying people in has become too expensive and many businesses are going to hd video conferencing instead.

Samsung has announced a new video conferencing LCD called the VC240 that integrates all of the components needed for HD desktop video conferencing into a 24-inch LCD that works as a computer monitor as well.

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