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Jetyo HDV-T900 Camcorder With Dual Solar Cells

Jetyo HDV-T900 Camcorder (Images courtesy The Red Ferret Journal)
By Andrew Liszewski

Worrying about battery life isn’t an issue when it comes to the HDV-T900 camcorder from Jetyo. In addition to running off a set of 4xAAA batteries which can pretty much be replaced anywhere on Earth, it also features a set of flip out solar cells that can be used to recharge those batteries, if they’re of the rechargeable persuasion. Unfortunately that’s the only feature that makes this camcorder stand out in an already crowded market, but it seems to have all the bases covered.

A 5.0MP CMOS sensor can capture videos up to 1280x720P in size at 30fps, and still images can be captured up to 12MP in size if you can live with a lot of software interpolation. It comes with 32MB of built-in memory, so you’ll want to make sure you have an SD card (sizes up to 32GB supported) handy if you actually intend to record any video. There’s also an HDMI connection for hooking the camcorder directly to your HDTV, and USB for downloading pictures and videos to your PC. Now I’m sure the HDV-T900 isn’t the most amazing piece of video hardware to come out of China, but according to the Red Ferret Journal it will only set you back about $88.

[ Jetyo HDV-T900 Camcorder ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

Drift Innovation X170 Extreme-Extreme-Extreme Action-Action-Action Camera

X170 Action Camera (Images courtesy Drift Innovation)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you go for the gusto every moment of your life, but are looking for a rugged camcorder that isn’t quite so ‘extreme’, you might want to check out the X170 from Drift Innovation. Its compact design makes the camera easy to strap to a pair of ski goggles or the handlebars on your bike, and it appears to be pretty durable, including the waterproof wireless remote that can be strapped to your wrist, but I’m afraid the ‘extreme’ stops there. The X170 can only capture videos at 720×480 (and probably even less than that in 16:9 mode) but you’ll be hard pressed to tell they’re not hi-def while reviewing footage on its miniscule 1.5 inch LCD display. However an included break-out cable does allow you to watch your clips on a full-sized TV.

The 170° wide angle lens is great for capturing all the action going on around you, and it can be rotated through 300° depending on the orientation of the camera when its mounted. The 32MB of built-in memory is pretty much useless, but thankfully an SD slot supporting cards up to 16GB in size should provide hours and hours of recording at 720×480, or thousands of 5MP digital photos. All that for $199.95.

[ Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

Cisco Finally Officially Announces The Flip SlideHD

Flip SlideHD (Image courtesy Cisco)
By Andrew Liszewski

Best Buy already ruined the surprise, so there doesn’t seem to be much excitement behind Cisco’s official announcement of their new Flip SlideHD camcorder. Like the Flip UltraHD I reviewed last year, the SlideHD captures footage at 1280×720 ‘HD’, though the boost to 16GB of storage means you’ll be able to record up to 4 hours before having to dump its contents off to your PC.

But the most obvious upgrade is of course the sliding 3-inch transflective touch screen which now incorporates all of the recording and playback buttons. When capturing video you use and hold the SlideHD like you would with the previous Flip models, but the addition of a headphone jack and the 3-inch display also makes it a more useful playback device, particularly when the display is angled up to 45 degrees and sitting on a flat surface. Sliding the screen also reveals a touch-sensitive strip which is supposed to make scrolling through all your videos a bit easier.

Gizmodo’s already got a review up of the new addition to the Flip family, and feels the device doesn’t really take advantage of the new touch-screen display as much as it could, particularly given the extra bulk that comes with it. Not to mention at $279.99 it’s now the most expensive model in the Flip line.

[ Flip SlideHD ]

Phantom Flex Can Capture 1920×1080 HD At 2,800 FPS

Phantom Flex (Image courtesy Vision Research)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s toys like this that make me miss attending the NAB broadcast show going on in Las Vegas right now. (It’s kind of like CES, but none of the electronics are consumer friendly or affordable.) Vision Research’s latest high-speed digital camera, the Phantom Flex, is targeted towards the digital cinema market since it features a 4K, 2560×1600 CMOS sensor with 12bit color depth. At maximum resolution the camera can capture up to 1,560 frames per second, and up to 2,800 when stepped down to HD res, though an HQ mode is also available which boosts image quality but reduces frame rates to 780 and 1390 FPS respectively. And if you were to take the resolution all the way down to 640×480, you’d be able to record at 6,300 FPS to capture every last particle of that apple you just shot.

For low-light situations, or when capturing footage at high speed, the camera can be boosted to 1,000 ISO to compensate, and it’s compatible with 35mm, 16mm and 2/3″ lenses from the likes of Canon, Nikon and Panavision to name a few. There’s no word on pricing at this time, but odds are if you have the need to capture 4K footage at over 1,500 FPS, I’m sure you’ll find room in your budget for one.

Thanks Sam!

[ Phantom Flex ]

Covert Video Watch Manages To Capture HD Footage

HD Video Watch (Image courtesy Spycatcher)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m pretty tired of all the supposed ‘spy’ gear on the market because to be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t developed by the CIA or MI6, it ends up being pretty crappy. But I’m cautiously optimistic that this video-capable covert watch might actually not suck that much. The design is surprisingly something that most people would wear, so it doesn’t look like there’s a video camera stashed inside, and instead of capturing sub-webcam quality 640×480 clips, it’s actually able to record pseudo-HD quality 1280×960 VGA videos at 30 fps.

The watch is only water and dust resistant so you won’t be capturing any spectacular underwater footage, but a little rain shouldn’t put it out of commission either. A subtle light indicator lets you know when the recording function has been activated, but it only remains on briefly so others don’t realize why you’re awkwardly pointing your watch face at them, and all videos are stamped with the date and time for later analysis. Somewhere on the watch you’ll find a miniUSB connection for charging the watch and transferring videos to your PC, and the ~$450 price tag from Spycatcher makes me think this might actually be more than just an expensive novelty.

[ Watch with HD Camera CCTV/Stills + sound ]

JVC To Introduce Their New GY-HM790 ProHD Camcorder At NAB 2010

JVC GY-HM790 PROHD Camcorder (Image courtesy JVC)
By Andrew Liszewski

NAB is just around the corner which means it’s time for a mountain of press releases about professional video cameras that don’t sacrifice image quality just so you can stash them in your pocket. Take JVC’s GY-HM790 which is the new flagship of the company’s ProHD camcorder line. While it tops out at capturing video at 1080i, it does have a 720P mode for shooting progressive, as well as a standard-definition 480i mode if for some reason your pipeline has’t embraced HD just yet.

And since it is the year 2010, the GY-HM790 captures directly to 2 x SDHC class 6 or 10 memory cards, no videotape here, as either FCP-friendly .MOV files or Sony XDCAM EX .MP4 files, which can both be brought directly into your editing environment. Other features that might interest you broadcast types include an HD/SD-SDI port for live monitoring an uncompressed 4:2:2 HD or SD signal, dual XLR mic inputs with phantom power and an optional ASI output module which provides a BNC connection for patching a live feed into a satellite uplink or microwave transmitter. Understandably all those pro features do amount to an MSRP of $11,995, but when the GY-HM790 becomes available this Summer you won’t have to worry about whether or not it exhibits jelly artifacts because of a cheap rolling shutter.


Liquid Image Announces A Handful Of New POV Cameras For CES

Liquid Image POV Cameras (Images courtesy Liquid Image)
By Andrew Liszewski

In addition to new 135 degree wide angle lens models and a 720P ‘HD’ version of their camera-equipped scuba masks, Liquid Image has also unveiled snow and swim goggle versions of their products just in time for CES 2010. The Summit Series Snow Camera Goggle model 335 has a 5MP still camera that can also capture D1 resolution video (720×480) to its 16MB of built-in flash memory. (Which can mercifully be expanded to 16GB thanks to a microSD/SDHC card slot.) It’s also got oversized glove-friendly mode and shutter buttons on the side of the frame as well as a set of LED lights inside the goggles to indicate when it’s recording. (Available late Summer 2010.)

What’s even more impressive is the company’s new Freestyle Series Swim Camera Goggle model 330. While it’s only got a 1.3MP camera that can also capture VGA resolution videos (640×480) the whole unit is barely larger than a regular pair of swim goggles. And unlike the Snow Camera Goggles, the swim model has a healthy 4GB of built-in memory which is good for about 90 minutes of video, while the rechargeable lithium battery that should last just as long. (Available April 2010.)

[ Liquid Image ]

Pistol Grip NightVision Digital Video Camera

NightVision Digital Video Camera (Image courtesy Firebox)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m always suspicious of anyone who buys nightvision gear and isn’t a member of any official military or law enforcement organization. But I’m sure there’s some legitimate reason why a civilian would need to be able to record video in complete darkness, and that seems to be this camera’s forte.

A ring of IR LEDs around the lens will illuminate your subject no matter how dark it is, and while the paltry 32 MB of storage allows you to record just 2 minutes of 640×480 resolution video, the storage can be upgraded with a 2GB SD card. The camera also works in regular daylight of course, automatically switching to nightvision mode when there isn’t adequate light, and is available from Firebox for ~$113.

[ NightVision Digital Video Camera ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

Canon VB-C500VD Vandal Resistant Mini-Dome Camera

Canon VB-C500VD (Image courtesy Canon)
By Andrew Liszewski

I guess all their cameras can’t have cool names like the ‘Digital Rebel’ so this new vandal resistant mini-dome camera from Canon has been dubbed the completely unmemorable VB-C500VD. But if you’ve been trying to protect your property against hooligans or vandals you’ll want to take note. The camera features an 82° wide horizontal field-of-view with 2.4X optical zoom as well as a fast F1.1 lens giving it great low-light performance. A progressive scan CCD ensures crisp images even with fast moving objects, and Canon’s proprietary ‘DIGIC NET’ processing engine allows the camera to capture full color video even in brightness levels as low as 0.2 lux. A pretty important feature when police might only be able to ID a suspect based on the color of their clothing.

And of course there’s that vandal resistant housing which features a movable based and dome cover to absorb high-impact blows, and tamper resistant screws which can’t be removed with standard screwdrivers. The VB-C500VD will have an MSRP of $999 and will be available in mid-October, just in time to protect your home against toilet paper and smashed pumpkins.

[ Canon VB-C500VD ] VIA [ Fareastgizmos ]