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A Prickly Armored Vest To Protect Your Little Dog From Attacks


You’re walking around with a Pitbull or a Rottweiler, you know the guy can take care of himself. But that little Terrier, or that fluffy Pomeranian? They’re just a juicy target for any would-be predator. Sure, you can walk alongside your Poodle, but what if you want him to go for a run by himself? He could be in the jaws of a wild Coyote before you know it. At least, that’s what happened to the creators of the CoyoteVest, pictured above, and their little dog was never seen again. That’s when they decided to create this prickly vest, meant to be worn by dogs up to 20 pounds. The neck is studded with twelve 1″ spikes, firmly embedded in a stiff yet flexible triple laminated Kevlar® collar. The rest of the body is protected with a “stab-resistant layer of Kevlar® body armor that can resist sharp canine teeth.” There’s an optional set of quills that you can stick on the back of your dog, and even more impressively, there’s even an optional CoyoteZapper that lets you pretty much Taser whichever animal is biting your pet. You can think of the CoyoteVest as body armour for your pet, and at $109 for the Starter Pack, it’s not outrageously priced.


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Magnetic Vest Holds Your Tools For You


This is either a great idea, or an accident waiting to happen: it all depends on just how strong the magnets are. The Mag-Vest is being marketed to garage tinkerers for its ability to hold on to your metal tools with strong C8 Grade ceramic magnets, which reportedly can hold up to 10 pounds. If you’re working on something, you might find it more convenient to place some things on your chest, rather than in a tool box nearby or on the side of the hood where they might fall into the engine bay. It’s not a bad idea, but being untested we would worry that the 10 pound claim is optimistic. However, if they’re strong enough to prevent your hammer from flattening your pinky toe, it might be worth the $60 pledge.


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