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The HexHog Is The Ultimate Offroad Wheelchair


If you’re going to venture off road, with a typical ATV, you’re usually going to need your limbs in full functional order to toggle clutches and foot brake levers. But those of us with limited mobility would still like to explore the great outdoors, so the HexHog was created to accommodate them. It’s a six-wheeled, battery-powered all terrain vehicle that is as adapted to disabled use, as it is badass. With a range of 12mi. and a top speed of 8.5mph, the HexHog isn’t going to win any races, but that’s not its point.

– A patented flexing chassis providing stability superior to an ATV without needing to actively lean or ride. The chassis mechanism will ensure all six wheels maintain contact when traversing rough terrain, rocks and steep steps while minimising seat movement for a comfortable ride in the most extreme environments.

– Lithium-ion battery power plant, meaning no vibration, fumes or noise from engines with a long range, in addition to providing a fast charge of less than 2 hours.

– A seat transfer system, which advances and lowers the driving seat to a position for independent transfer from a wheelchair.

– All-wheel drive providing maximum off-road traction. The sealed 6×6 transmission and raised drive motors in conjunction with the flexing chassis will allow the HexHog to tread water, travel through mud bogs, and cross snow or sand without harm or reduction in performance.

– Electronic drive architecture, giving maximum independence to wheelchair users with varying abilities. The HexHog employs the latest control architecture, with a programmable joystick allowing safe operation on steep slopes and rough terrain. Bespoke adjustments can be made to suit all driving styles and safe operation with reduced dexterity or upper limb movement.

We don’t know how much it costs and we can just imagine it’s not cheap, but the point is that such technology does exist and can bring joy in someone otherwise already challenging life.


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The DTV Shredder Is A Sick Off-Road Skateboard


To call it a skateboard is really stretching the definition, but you are technically looking at a “vehicle” on which you’re meant to stand, and it does have what the makers are calling a “skateboard deck”, so we’re going with it. It’s called the DTV Shredder and is the most badass means of locomotion we’ve come across in recent memory. Sporting two massive tracks and a 4-stroke, 196cc, 14hp engine, the Shredder is capable of 25mph+ speeds in pretty much any terrain. Steering is accomplished through leaning left or right, giving the rider the sensation of carving turns that’s familiar to any skate or snowboarders. And the best part is that the company, BPG Werks, is developing a 48hp model that will be capable of traveling at 60mph+. It already has a working prototype that was brought to Travis Patrana’s house and ended up doing backflips, Can Cans and Madonnas by the end of the evening.

The regular DTV Shredder costs $2,599 and is available now.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 2.45.11 PM

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You’ll Actually Want To Explore The Snowy Outdoors In The Equinox Snowcoach


Snowmobiles are a great way to explore the countryside in the middle of winter. There’s something magical about being in a forest, surrounded by a sea of whitened trees. But the glacial, tear-jerking winds that you’re subjected to atop these vehicles has kept many from even trying. Well, you might be able to convince them to join you on your next adventure if you get yourself the Equinox Snowcoach. It attaches to the back of your snowmobile, and offers protection from the wind for up to two people. A high performance gas shock suspension, and seat belts, ensure your loved ones are safe and comfortable riding behind you. There are even brake/running lights so that no one riding behind you crashes into you as you slow down. It’s $2,000 and worth every penny if you ask us.

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Razor Makes Adult-Sized, Driftalicious Crazy Cart XL


A while ago we heard about the Crazy Cart, by Razor. This was a small, one-wheeled, battery-powered cart with a hand-actuated lever that would lift the back end and allow it to swing freely from side to side. This meant one thing only: drifts galore! But it was pretty small and would handle people up to 140 lbs at most. Now, however, comes news of the Crazy Cart XL, a version made to handle adult-sized adults. Along with the larger frame (which can accommodate a person up to 240lbs) comes a more powerful 500W electric motor that can reach a speed of up to 17 mph. The one high-torque wheel can turn 180 degrees in either direction, providing propulsion forwards as well as backwards. And battery run-time will have you doing donuts and going sideways for up to 40 minutes at a time.

Watch the video, you’ll understand why this little cart is deserving of the “crazy” moniker. At $800, it seems reasonably priced. But know that they’re only making 1,600 units, which are available for pre-order on Toys R’ Us.


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Pull Up To The Green Like What? That’s A Tumbler Golf Cart, Son

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 11.35.58 PM

We gotta give Hammacher Schlemmer credit for stocking the most outlandish vehicles on their website, alongside other mundane items like sandals and iPhone cases. This time you’re looking at a golf cart that’ll turn a head or three next time you tee off. Inspired by Batman’s car from the 2005-2012 films, this Tumbler Golf Cart is just awesome and not short on features:

The cart rolls on six course-friendly tires—the rear four are smaller 28″ versions of the originals from the movie vehicle. Powered by a 6-horsepower, battery-powered electric go-cart motor, the cart can reach 38 mph for quick follow-up shots or to retrieve an errant Bat-slice. Its sleek, all-black alloy body replicates the movie vehicle’s rear afterburner while its twin aerodynamic wings fold around the passenger compartment to protect occupants from incoming golf balls. Its 4-link rear suspension provides a smooth ride over fairways, rough, and paths, while rear disc brakes provide confident stops. With adjustable leather seats, cup holders, iPad stand, and lights

You do realize, of course, that if you’re interested in being that guy, you’re going to have to pony up a pretty penny. $35,000 worth, to be exact.

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Track N Go: An Easy-To-Use System Of Tracks For Your Vehicle


If you’re the kind of person who bought a serious off-road vehicle, you just might also be the kind of person who’s going to actually want to use that vehicle off road. But even the toughest utility vehicle on the planet will eventually be challenged by deep snow. Mounting tracks on your truck is usually a very time consuming experience, requiring serious mods and a lot of money in addition to the tracks themselves. Not so with the Track N Go. Just drive over the tracks and spend an estimated 15 minutes hooking it up. That’s for the 4 wheels, not each! And just like that you’ll be able to drive up to 21mph in deep snow.

Of course, we say “just like that” but it’s not that simple: Track N Go is expected to cost around $25,000, regardless of the vehicle it’s used on.

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Mood Cars? This Nissan Changes Color, Depending on the Temperature

Mood Car

Remember those mood rings that were so popular back in the day? The ones that came with a fancy stone in the middle that apparently changed color, depending on your mood? You probably already know by now that those rings didn’t really change in color based on your mood; rather, they turned from one shade to another because of the temperature.

Following the same concept is UK body shop Auto Kandy who coated this Nissan with temperature-sensitive paint, effectively turning it into a “mood car” of sorts.

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Go Cruisin’ on the Scrooser Electric Scooter


Vespas can be incredibly bulky, although they’re relatively comfortable to ride on. Segways can cut your travel time down in half, but it can also make you look like a fool in the process if you’ve got poor balance. The solution? The Scrooser, a hybrid vehicle that looks like a cross benween a Vespa and a Segway.

The Scrooser is an electric scooter, but it’s not the like the usual ones where all you have to do is sit and twist the throttle to go your merry way. Instead, you’ve got to give it a good kick-off by standing up and kicking at the ground to move it along. The direct-drive 1,000-watt electric motor helps you along by amplifying that initial burst of speed with four times as much power.

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“I Want A Flying Electric Bicycle…” Said No One Ever


And yet here we are, looking at an unwieldy creation from a trio of Czech companies. Featuring two grotesquely huge propellers, the 209lbs remote controlled bike was indeed airborne in front of a group of reporters for all of five minutes. A styrofoam dummy had to be used instead of a human because the rig needs more powerful propellers if it hopes to be able to carry a human payload. We’re not sure what kinds of speeds it reached but seeing as the test was done indoors, we’re guessing not very fast. All of which brings the question of why? On the road this thing would be impractical; it’s too wide and long to be of any use. Not to mention that to land a 4+ wheeled flying vehicle is pretty hard as it is, so imagine on two wheels? No one in their right mind would ever agree to ride one so… Right? No, clearly this is more of a proof of concept than anything that could turn into an actual product. We’re glad the Czech are having fun.

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