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Feel Guilty Squishing A Bug? The Bug Vacuum is For You


We’ll never get on the same wavelength, but we realize there are people who will feel bad about killing a creepy crawly. If that’s you, let us turn your attention to the Bug Vacuum. It’s a rechargeable, handheld vacuum with an LED for efficient night operation, and a see-through compartment that stores your unwanted visitors until you can release them outside. Or, if you want to observe your catch without actually touching it, you can just keep them in that clear compartment and marvel at nature’s least appreciated gift from a safe distance. It’s $23.


[ Product Page ]

The Eye-Vac Touchless Vacuum Doesn’t Move, You Go To It


Unlike regular vacuum cleaners that need to roam your floors in one manner or another, whether it’s autonomously or through human power, the Eye-Vac Touchless Vacuum just sits there and waits for you to bring stuff to it. When its sensor notices you’re nearby, it’ll activate its 1,000W motor and start sucking. You just have to broom stuff into its… action zone, let’s say, and it gets sucked up in there. Sure it might not be great if you have carpets, but any type of hardwood flooring will respond well to a little booming action; in a way the Eye-Vac is just a fancy dustpan, but at $99, we think it’s actually an affordable alternative to having to bend down a bunch of times.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ DudeIWantThat ]

Bruno Is The World’s First Smart Trashcan


It’s called Bruno, and it’s a connected trash can. You may wonder why your trash can needs to be connected, but let us assure you this is a really cool product, but not for its “connected features.” In fact, Bruno is more than a can, it’s also a vacuum. See that opening at the bottom? Well, it sucks stuff in. So the way you use Bruno is that you broom around your house, but instead of bending over with a dust pan and walking over to the can, you just sweep it right up to Bruno, who’ll then suck it up. Sensors on the inside alert you when you need to change the collection bag, and it stores a bunch of empty bags so you don’t have to go around looking for new ones when it’s time to take the trash out. And of course, it is a trashcan, a motion sensing lid opens up for full hands-free operation. It’s battery operated, so you can move it around the house, and it won’t need a charge for around 30 days!

It’s a decent looking trashcan with innovative features that amply justify the $159 asking price, on their fully-funded Kickstarter campaign. But don’t wait until it hits retail shelves, because the price then goes up to $229.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]