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Out-of-this-World Vacations: Trips to the Moon Might be Possible in 2020

Moon Trips

A honeymoon on the moon? That might sound absurd now, but it might become a reality sometime in 2020 if start-up Golden Spike manages to kick off their service and get everything up and running by then. They’re promising to give interested space travelers the chance to fly out to the moon and spend 36 hours doing God knows what with their space travel buddies.

As part of the package, each passenger gets to go on two moon walks and use a standard surface expedition tool kit and cameras and basically do what astronauts do when they’re on the moon. It sounds like an outrageous offering, and as expected, it’s also one that only the rich can afford since the 36-hour trip is priced at $800 million.

Check out Golden Spike’s promotional video and one of their proposed flight schedules after the break.

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