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Su Chef App Generates Recipes Based On What You Have

Su Chef App

Anyone can follow the instructions in a cookbook and cook something. It takes a certain level of skill, a bit of talent, and a whole lot of experience to prepare full meals from scratch. In case you’ve got a refrigerator and cupboard full of random stuff and don’t really have time to run to the supermarket before supper, then the Su Chef app can help you out.

Instead of presenting recipes with the ingredients each dish requires, you’re supposed to key in the ingredients that you have. It’ll go through its database of over a hundred thousand recipes to find what dishes you can make with what you currently have. Aside from having tons of recipes built in, it also comes with a shopping list feature and lets you build menus based on a special diet, like Paleo, vegetarian, and high fiber, among others.

Su Chef can be downloaded from iTunes for $1.99.

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The Urban Shelf Is An Essential Living Companion

Living in a cramped Manhattan closet? A restroom with a view? A Japanese pod hotel room? Or just sick of traditional bedside tables? First off, may we suggest an upgrade? We hear dining rooms are much more spacious, plus the proximity of a fridge is always a boon. If this is not possible, maybe the Urban Shelf can still make things a little better for you. It’s a simple three-pane folding piece of plastic that turns into a multi-purpose tray. It unfolds into an L-shape that wedges under your mattress (you… do have at least a mattress in this cramped closet, right?) and lets you put your electronics, glasses, TV remote, etc. There’s even a few notches along the side so you can hang your charging cables off its edge, instead of having them laying on the floor like they probably are right now. Sleeping on a sofa, are you? That’s fine, you can probably still wedge the Urban Shelf under a sofa pillow. And if your digs are so, uh, modest, you’ll probably also appreciate the $15 price tag.

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