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Tiny RC Quad-Copter Costs Less Than A Parrot Drone

Seems like quad-rotor copters are popping up everywhere: as taxidermied cats, as flying DeLoreans, as scary flying formations from hell and as an expensive attraction at the last two CESes. That last one refers to Parrot’s A.R. 2 Drone. Admittedly, it’s pretty high tech and fancy. But it’s also $300+. For $49 you can instead get the version from Brando which does pretty much the same things, only with less cowbell. The 6 AXES GYRO RC Somersault UFO even does flips, although it’s controlled through a traditional remote rather than with the iPhone (like the AR Drone). There’s no foam protection like there is on Parrot’s offering and there are quite a few buttons on that remote, which makes it not look quite as intuitive; a crash seems inevitable. But we don’t know. It does have gyro stabilization so hey, let’s not rush to judgement. Seeing as it’s $40, if you break it after 15 minutes, you won’t spend as much time crying about it.

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USB Toaster Hub with Toast Flash Drives are Deliciously Geeky

Toaster Hub

USB hubs and flash drives don’t get any more adorable than this. This might not be the first time that we’ve seen quirky USB drives of this kind (remember the Mini Cooper Flash Drive?), but these certainly take the cake in their category–or is it the toast?

The hub and thumbdrives are perfectly complementary, given that the former is in the shape of a miniature toaster while the latter are shaped like teeny, tiny yummy slices of toast. Of course, the toaster hub works with USB drives of all shapes, sizes, and forms, but it’s way more fun to use it with the toast drives for obvious reasons.

The toaster hub comes with 4 USB 2.0 ports and a one-meter long cable. It’s also got an SD card reader on the side for all your card reading needs. Meanwhile, the toast flash drive has a 4GB capacity and comes in four colors (or designs): White (Tato), Yellow (Butta), Tan (Ry Ry), and Brown (Crisp).

Toast USB Drives

Unfortunately, the toaster and thumbdrives aren’t sold as a set and come off a bit pricey as a whole. The toaster hub is priced at $27.99, while each USB drive retails for $24.99.

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USB Waterproof Temperature Data Logger

By David Ponce

Have you ever felt the need to know how the temperature of your outdoors frog pond varies throughout the day? How about throughout the season? No? Never? Come on now, at least some of you must be of the inquisitive type. The USB Waterproof Data Logger is able to record the temperature of whatever it’s submerged in to a 0.0625°C resolution rate, within its 0.5°C error margin. More importantly, it’s able to record up to 700,000 such measurements over time, in its tiny 32MB memory. If you set the interval to every 10 seconds, this means it can stay submerged and measuring for up to 80 days. It stores the data is CSV files which can be easily manipulated with Excel or other spreadsheet software. And it’s powered by two AAA batteries which given the low 4uA consumption rate means they can last for as much as 6 months.

We’re not professional data gatherers, so we can’t think of many situations where we’d want something like this, and yet we feel that there must be many. So for those of you out there who could use this, know that it’s $74.

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In A Throwback To Days Of Yore, USB Stick Lets You Use Wax Seal

By David Ponce

The best way to make sure no one accesses your documents is to use a strong encryption algorithm and a long, hard-to-guess password. But hey, everyone knows that, and it’s new and modern and sort of expected. To add an old-timey twist to your data securing needs, the above Top Secret Custom Made USB stick is made out of porcelain. This makes it possible to apply a wax seal to it. Seal is unbroken when you receive the stick: you know the contents haven’t been peeked at. If it is… well, then we hope you used a password, like we told you.

You get to pick your colour of wax from bordeaux red, orange, pink, blue and green. You also get to pick which “classic letter” to have imprinted on the wax press. The entire kit consisting of the wax, the press, the porcelain 2, 4 or 8GB stick costs €35 or about $46.

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The Jigger Lights Up Your Cancer Sticks Flame-Free

By David Ponce

Smoking up is not cool and all that. We’re equal opportunity haters though, which means that what you do is really up to you and we’re not going to preach. If you’re into it however, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten a nice good puff of sulphur from trying to light up with a match. Or struggled against the wind, cowering in a corner, keeping a flame alive. Fun stuff, right? The Jigger, a more than 2 year old gadget, fixes all that. Press the button and a metal coil gets to red hot in an instant, so you can get your fix with none of the regular flame related struggles. The standard version sells for $29.99 and will light 250 smokes before needing a recharge while the fancier Prestige version is good for 300 lights and sells for $49.99. Recharging is done through USB and while the company says “light cigarettes of any size”, we do feel the need to point out that it’s cigarettes it works with, and not cigars. Still, for something that will be allowed in an airplane and work in any weather, we’re pretty impressed.

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From The Creator Of That All-Diamond Ring Comes World’s Most Expensive USB Flash Drive

By David Ponce

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when we posted about the diamond ring made of nothing but diamond? It was made by an outfit called Shawish, from Geneva, and now the same company is back with news of a series of 32GB flash drives, called The Magic Mushroom collection, that could well be the world’s most expensive.

The glittering diamonds studded all over this Magic Mushroom USB key weigh 9.18 carats in total, while the rubies weigh a total of 11.34 carats, and the sapphires weigh 11.34 carats

That’s almost 32 carats of precious stones and the is reflected in the price: “The Magic Mushroom USB key crafted with white gold, emeralds and white diamonds will cost $36,900, whereas the USB key in yellow gold, white diamonds and rubies will cost $24,400, and the USB key in pink gold studded with pink sapphires and white diamonds will cost $16,500.”

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Mimo Magic Touch 10-inch USB Display Reviewed. Verdict: Fully Windows 8 Future-proof

Mimo is a company that puts all its eggs in one basket – USB display. It has made its name known with bus-powered monitors that allow users to add an additional screen to a PC even when there’s no power outlet available. The latest mini monitor to further expand the Mimo’s niche product line is the Magic Touch. As the name suggests, the display supports multi-touch interaction, tracking up to 4 fingers. The display also gets all the power and connectivity it needs from a single USB 2.0 cable.

Setting the Magic Touch is a no-brainer. You only need to download the driver from DisplayLink which handles automatic firmware update after installation. The display itself is as vibrant as it gets with excellent video quality. Interestingly, the latest driver hooks into your existing GPU for the heavy lifting. This dramatically reduces CPU usage and at the same time increases the 2D & 3D performance of the 10″ USB screen. It’s also a pleasant surprise to see the monitor can handle some casual gaming even though that isn’t what the Magic Touch is designed for in the first place. One caveat is that the glossy screen is prone to glare, making it uncomfortable when used in some bright environments. The best use for this display may well be for developers of multi-touch apps and perhaps a touch screen panel for Windows 8 desktops or HTPC. Get all the details of the Mimo Magic Touch 10-inch USB monitor in the full review below.

[Full Review @ Everything USB]

JLab B-Flex X-Bass Laptop Speaker Reviewed. Verdict: Surprisingly Good

On-board audio quality on notebooks and most all-in-one computers leaves a lot to be desired. Sometimes the audio quality is so bad users can barely hear anything without resorting to headphones or a bulky set of external speakers. Something that notebook or netbook users wanting improved sound may want to check out is the JLab B-Flex X-Bass Laptop Speaker reviewed at Everything USB. This rather unique one-piece speaker connects to computers via a USB port and is on a rigid flexible arm which means no excess cable on your desk and allows you to place the speaker for the best use of available space.

The B-Flex X-Bass integrates a tiny passive sub-woofer, which is great for improving bass – something that is typically very lacking in on-board audio. The reviewer is also pleased with the surprising amount of sound it pumps out. The crisp highs and solid lows are equally impressive, considering the driver size. The X-Bass does have a few caveats such as lacking mid-range sound, minimal stereo separation due to the speaker’s design and it lacks an analog input for MP3 players. The little speaker sells for about $40, and is worth checking out.

[Full Review @ Everything USB]

Tune Blocker Charge And Sync Cable Puts iTunes Back In Its Place

By David Ponce

iTunes is great, but it’s also like a needy girlfriend. It’s just always there, hungry for your attention, pleading and nagging. Every time you plug that iPhone in, iTunes just pops up and wants to talk about the day it’s had. It wants to swap data with you and make sure you’re on the same page, all caught up and synced up. Sometimes you just want to put your feet up and get a nice relaxing charge without iTunes codependant behaviour weighing you down. That’s where the Tune Blocker Charge And Sync Cable comes in. A simple switch lets you decide whether you just want to get a charge, or if you want to give in and “sync up”.

It’s $20.

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