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Modest Urns for Modest (and Cheap) People

Modest Urns

These Modest Urns by Archie McPhee are a novelty or joke at best. I think. They’re McPhee’s “most modestly priced receptacle” which can hold up to 62.8 cubic inches of ashes or whatever else you want to put into it. I say “ashes” because they’re being marketed as uber-affordable urns for your ashes, your pet’s ashes, or for whoever else’s ashes. For all intents and purposes, it should be able to get the job done.

Each Modest Urn is priced at $9.50. If you want to be even cheaper more modest, then you can get one of these for free (well, almost) by buying a can of coffee and recycling it when all the coffee’s gone. Because yes, as we can all clearly see, the Modest Urn is basically a decorated coffee can.Continue Reading

Be Tree-Incarnated: Become a Tree In Your Next Life

Ants are extremely hardworking creatures. They’re insects with qualities I really admire, but because they’re often killed by people for wandering around at the dinner table (and too close to the stew), I wouldn’t want to be reincarnated as one in my next life. That is, if I believed in reincarnation, but I’m still iffy about it at this point.

Regardless, I would think that the awesomest way to come back on Earth would be as a tree. Preferably a huge one that people wouldn’t want to cut down ever. If you have the same notion, then you might want to check the Spiritree out.

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