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On A Personal Note, There’s This Restaurant I Want To Tell You All About

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.48.25 PM

So this is completely outside of anything I’d ever put on this site. However I’d like to take a second to tell you guys about this restaurant I went to last weekend. It’s called Icone, and sits in prime real estate on St-Laurent blvd. It belongs to a friend, and if you’re ever in the Montreal area, you might want to stop by. The food is fantastic, the decor top notch and the ambiance just right. The food in particular was something else, with highlights featuring Seared Scallops with sea urchin and cauliflower risotto, mascarpone, arugula and aged balsamic, or a Roasted Lamb Shoulder that fell off the bone. Prices are decent for both the food and drinks. Definitely a thumbs up.

And that, my friends, concludes my public service announcement.

[ Restaurant Icone ]

This See-Through Caterpillar Is Not Photoshopped

By David Ponce

We have decided to stop making apologies for writing about stuff that isn’t gadgety. So what if it isn’t? So long as we think it’s cool, there’s a good chance someone else will. We happen to think the above picture, for example, is the bee’s knees. It was shot by scuba Instructor and amateur photographer Gerardo Aizpuru. The lovely specimen is called the Jewel Caterpillar and grows to just barely over an inch in length. It’s a member of the moth species known as Acraga coa. So how does it manage to be transparent? Much in the same way that the liquid (the vitreous humour) in your eye is also see-through, which “happens when collagen forms a lattice instead of a chaotic array.”

Interestingly, the little caterpillar turns into a funny looking moth, which we included a picture of after the break.

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Video: More Wingsuit Madness In Avatar Country

By David Ponce

We like to step away from digital consumer electronics now and then because frankly, some things are just too awesome to pass up. Plus, geeks in general have an insatiable appetite for wonderment, so the following video should fascinate. There’s an area in China’s Hunan province called Zhangjiajie National Forest Park that features enormous quartz-sandstone pillars that look exactly like those in the movie Avatar. And for good reason as the park’s officials say that it was these very formations that served as artistic inspiration for the scenery in the movie; indeed one of the park’s larger pillars was renamed “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain” by local officials. So it’s in this fabulous setting that some base jumpers decided to ply their trade, seemingly under the sponsorship of extreme sport enthusiast company Red Bull. Watch the below video. It’s really incredible. We may not go to the moon, or even Mars, for quite some time. But there are still things we can do on this little planet that can almost compare.

VIA [ MICGadget ]

How Do These Dutch Bar Patrons Sit With Such Huge Balls Between Their Legs?

By David Ponce

So the video above shows a fun incident that happened at the T Halve Maatje pub in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. And no, it’s not gadget related. And no, it doesn’t matter because it’s just cool. So this man walks in and starts waving a gun around, asking for money. At which point… no one gives a f**k. The bartender just looks at him and tells him to beat it. A patron even walks just past the would-be thief to get a seat at the bar, even as the guy is still trying to hold the place up. Finally, dejected, he leaves… at which point the entire bar exits to go run after him! And sure enough, after a little over a mile they catch him and call the cops.

If ever there was a fail, this would be it. Also, never mess with a Dutchman in a bar, we imagine is another takeaway.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

Man Shoots Nail In Head, Zero F##&s Given

By David Ponce

There are no gadgets here, but it’s an interesting story nonetheless. So it turns out one Dante Autullo from Orland Park, IL, was working in his garage one day when he lost his grip on his nail gun. It swung at him and bumped the side of his head. Dante examined the damage: a minor scratch. He even texted his wife a picture of the so-called scratch, so nonchalant was he about the incident. He popped a couple of Advils and went on his merry day. He drove his plow truck for 8 hours, took his kids to a play rehearsal and even took a nap before he finally figured something was wrong; at that point he had a headache and nausea. It was only once he got to the hospital that everything became clear.

The X-Rays (which Dante at first thought were a joke) showed the 3.5 inch nail firmly inside his brain. The flat part of the nail was resting right atop his skull, beneath the skin (which was why it looked like just a scratch), “as if it had been driven into a two-by-four.” He had to undergo surgery to remove the nail and as luck would have it, very little tissue damage occurred. Mr. Autullo is expected to be able to leave the hospital after spending a day with a nail in his brain with absolutely no loss of function at all.

For the record, do not try this at home.

VIA [ Geekosystem ] AND [ Chicago Tribune ]

Trippiest Optical Illusion Ever

Nope. This isn’t a GIF.

And we’re posting it because, hey, why not?

VIA [ BookOfJoe ]

Fun Fact: Twitter Math Concludes Wednesday Is Worst Day Of The Week (Not Monday)


By David Ponce

Not that this really relates to anything, but it’s geeky enough to mention. Mathematics Professors Christopher Danforth and Peter Dodds, of Vermont University, analyzed 2.4 million Tweets, looking for words that connote both happiness (think “rainbows (really), free and fun”) or gloom (think “cruel, hatred and suffocate”) and concluded that the worst day of the week seems to be a Wednesday.

Yeah, now you know.

VIA [ Daily Telegraph ]

For Sale: One Viper MkII, Slightly Used

By Evan Ackerman

This January, the Sci Fi Channel will be auctioning off thousands (thousands!) set pieces, props, and costumes from Battlestar Galactica. A two-day live auction will be held in Pasadena on January 17 and 18, and on January 20 about 200 items will be put on eBay. After that, as each episode airs more items from those episodes will show up on eBay.

Besides the life size Viper MkII (should be flyable with only minor repairs), other props for sale include the President Roslin’s desk, a Raptor flight manual, Colonel Tigh’s liquor bottle and eye patch, the Blackbird, Starbuck’s flight suit, and Six’s red dress. A purely academic sample picture of said dress, after the jump.Continue Reading

Congratulations America!

By David Ponce

You made history last night, and today you have your first African American president. Congratulations! You should be proud of yourselves. God knows the rest of the world is, nowhere more than up here in Canada, your frostbitten neighbor.